Young Women Urged to Participate in Leadership Processes

Maureen Amuhinda, Programme Officer of Badili Africa addresses the students.

Jomo Kenyatta University Students Association (JKUSA) in collaboration with Badili Africa, organized a peace drive to promote peace and togetherness while encouraging young women to play an active role in leadership process.

The initiative dubbed; ‘Feminizing political spaces’ sought to strengthen young women’s voices in universities by enhancing accountability and ensuring inclusivity of women in the political processes for social change.

During the event held on May 26, 2023, participants engaged in civic discussions on a variety of topics such as; participation of women in politics, impact of contemporary power struggles on youth, students’ responsibility as citizens in promoting peace.

Lauding Badili Africa’s efforts to empower women, JKUSA President, Brian Mutevu, said there is need to empower women, particularly university students to make smart decisions in the face of social challenges.

“Students who are empowered have the opportunity to redefine gender roles or other such roles, which allow them more freedom to pursue desired goals,” Mutevu noted.

JKUSA President, Brian Mutevu make his remarks

He further stated that giving young women the tools to be able to prosper has positive impact on their own lives, families and communities, and ensures they have control over their health, careers and quality of life.

Speaking on the impact of the event, Joy Dorcus Ndemaki a fourth-year Medical Biochemistry student said, the event had broadened her perspective on matters politics particularly on the processes and youth participation

Ndemaki who attended a similar event last year at JKUAT said making an influence does not necessarily require one to be in a leadership position, but rather by using the platforms at their disposal to effect change.

“As Generation Z, we have more power than we realize.” “Through such initiatives, we can leverage what we’ve learned and effect the necessary changes in society by utilizing the available policies,” Ndemaki observed.

Maureen Amuhinda, Programme Officer of Badili Africa, challenged young women to be confident and steadfast in their attempts to make a difference in the fight against social inequality.

“Women account for half the world’s working-age population. If they do not achieve their full economic potential, the global economy will suffer. This is not only a pressing moral issue but also a critical economic challenge,” Mrs. Amuhinda stated.

Badili Africa is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that seeks to enhance the participation of young women and Chama women in governance processes as well as address gender-based violence.

Students take part in one of the discussion sessions at the event.

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