Varsity Team to Represent Africa in Food Security Contest

Four students from Kenya, three of them from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) will represent Africa at the global food security competition to be held in Berlin, Germany.

The students, Kashyap Gohel and Sila Kapting’eig both from School of Architecture, Chintan Gohel of Electric and Electronic Engineering (JKUAT) and Sabrina Mitha pursuing International Business Administration at United States International University (USIU), competed with other Universities across Africa to emerge the finalists in the Thought for Food Challenge 2013.

Kashyap Gohel explains how the concept works to a group of students

The team is currently undergoing a process of constructing a life-sized module in preparation for the presentation of their project idea entitled, “Desert Farms” in the summit in Berlin, for a grand prize funding of $.10, 000.

Desert Farms are projects revolving around the harnessing of water from the ocean to the mainland. According to Gohel, the team leader, the idea is to turn salty water into fresh water for use, using energy efficient methods.

He further noted that they were utilizing their architectural skills to design the project to solve food problems in Kenya.

Thought for Food Challenge runs the annual competition to encourage university students from all fields of study to learn more about the challenges surrounding food security and inspire them to channel their passions and creativity towards developing new ideas that make a difference. It is an initiative to solve the food problems in the world.

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