Varsity Marked World Toilet Day Celebration

Ms. Ngugi explains how the ‘Where does it go when you go?’  campaign works

JKUAT Staff and students from the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering in collaboration with Africa Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) celebrated the World Toilet Day, 19th November 2017. The celebrations involved a campaign aimed at delivering a strong advocacy message on behalf of safe sanitation and wastewater management.

The campaign themed ‘Where does it go when you go?’ challenged people to think about what happens to their fecal waste after flushing. The participants were encouraged to lift the lid and ‘flush’ their answer, post it on the stall ‘wall’, and capture it on social media.

JKUAT PhD student in Environmental Engineering and Management and a Research Fellow with APHRC, Ms. Hannah Ngugi, said the campaign was part of Urban Sanitation Project in East Africa aimed to improve and expand implementation and resourcing of national sanitation policies with specific focus on human fecal waste management in urban areas.

According to Ms. Ngugi, the campaign coordinator, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population, half of it living in Sub-Saharan Africa, live without access to a household toilet that can safely dispose human fecal waste.

“Sewerage services in Sub-Saharan Africa are confined to small parts of the urban environment and there is a huge shortage of water treatment plants across the continent,” opines Ms. Ngugi.

From Left; Prof. Odhiambo, Prof Abukutsa, Prof. Mulati, Dr. Eng. Messo and Ms. Ngugi confer after participating in the campaign

Ms. Ngugi was adamant that the Urban Sanitation Project in East Africa will play a critical role in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6 that seeks to provide available and sustainable water and sanitation for all by 2030.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Research Production and Extension (RPE), Prof. Mary Abukutsa, her counterpart in Academic Affairs, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo, Principal, College of Pure and Applied Sciences, Prof. David Mulati, Registrar RPE, Cyrus Kamau, Dean, School of Biosystem and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Eng. Gareth Kituu and Chairman, Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering Department, Dr. Eng. James Messo were among the staff who participated in the campaign.

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