Varsity Develops Risk Management and Mitigation Report

The participants following proceedings keenly

Senior managers of the University are working towards developing a framework that is forward looking, and which is meant to anticipate any potential risks that could negatively impact on the institution’s development .

The managers attending the Second Phase of the Risk Management Policy Framework (RMPF) workshop drawn from the  campuses and centres will after the week-long intensive exercise, ending October 18,  generate a report on risks and their mitigating factors emanating from Governance, External Environment and Strategic objectives.

According to Mr. Michael Mwangi Itotia, the lead facilitator from Management Audit Consulting Limited, the outcome will be able to help the University foresee dangers and take action in good time before they scuttle the Institution’s development agenda. The workshop focuses on the external risks the University may face with a few internal dangers having been incorporated from the last workshop held in August this year.

At the end of the workshop, three reports will be compiled highlighting three levels of risks bound to affect the University and their mitigating factors. The risks will be classified based on their effects levels, namely; high, medium and low.

Among those in attendance are Vice Chancellor Prof. Mabel Imbuga who said the process was a requirement by government that called on all parastatals and government – related establishments to strategize and  identify possible risk factors and their mitigation in a bid to avoiding dangers that could jeopardize the smooth running of the University’s operations.

Others present included the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Production and Extension (RPE) Prof. Esther Kahangi, Principals of Colleges, Directors, Chairmen of Departments and Section heads.

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