University Back To Life after Christmas Break

For JKUAT, the New Year that coincided with the commencement of the University 2013/2014 Academic Year started on a high note, Monday January 7, 2013, with over 400 first year new students expected to enroll in the various academic programmes at the main campus in Juja.

The Institute of Computer Science and Technology attracted the highest number of the freshmen with 200 students enrolling for Information Technology related studies. Additional 182 students will be undertaking various programmes at the School for Human Resource Development. The remaining students will pursue various studies in Engineering, Agriculture, and health sciences.

After the registration, the newly inducted students will undergo a two day orientation process at faculty level and a familiarization tour of the university Library, which comes to an end Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

First year students proceeding to the second semester of study at the main campus have also resumed session. Lectures for the continuing and the new students are scheduled to start on Wednesday 9, and Thursday 10, January 2013 respectively.

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