Collaborating department

Date of signing

Collaborating activities

African Advanced/level Telecommunication Institute, Nairobi



Areas: Cisco training by allowing JKUAT to be the Regional Academy

Achievements: JKUAT offering Cisco to the following institutions: KU, Maseno;

Berlin – Nairobi Exchange



Areas: Student exchange between JKUAT and Germany universities, workshop and conferences

Bourne Mouthe University ,UK



Areas: Research and development; Capacity Building; Exchange of staff/students, enhance computer science in JKUAT.

Achievements: Joint JKUAT IT Degree Curriculum revision work on going; One ICSIT staff pursuing PhD training in Bourne from May 2010.

Denver University, USA



Areas: Staff/ Student exchange, R&D

Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria

NAIROBI CBD 2008/2013
Areas: Post graduate training in entrepreneurship

Achievements: 38 students in Masters in Entrepreneur ,launch of a P.H.D program in February 11, 2011

Kaisers Lautern University, Germany


Areas: Research, staff and student exchange

Kansas State University, USA

Food Science & Technology


Areas: Training/student exchange; capacity building; exchange of scholars/scientists and information.

Achievements:  Reciprocal visits by Dr. Mathara and Dr. T. Cable; proposals developed on Models for University engagement: natural resources, food security and nutrition in HIV/AIDs impacted communities’ and another in  ‘building capacity for youth’ – workshop on Youth leadership planned at JKUAT in 2011.

La Sapienza, Italy

ICSIT & Statistics Department


Areas: Exchange of visits by scholars-Mr. Antony Joseph Kiroe-MSc in space science, Participation in research programmes-initiating space science project, Sharing of scientific information, study meetings and seminars.

Lubeck University of Applied Science, Finland



Areas: Master of Science Health Management, E-learning.

Makerere University, Uganda Food Science and Technology 2010/2015 Areas: Staff/ student exchange, R&D
Masinde Muliron University of Science and Technology, Kakamega College of Engineering 2006/2011 Areas: Training and research in Chemistry, staff/ student exchange.

Achievements: Laboratory use by MMUST students.

Nagoya University, Japan



Areas: Exchange of visits by scholars; Participation in joint research programmes; Sharing of scientific information.

Achievements: Nerica rice joint project for producing new rice varieties cable of resisting semi-arid conditions is ongoing(2009-2012); staff training; research equipment; visit by the 5 JKUAT staff (Dr.Hunja, Dr. Masinde, Dr. Ateka,Mr.Wainaina): Mr.Wainaina pursuing Msc/Phd on rice improvement from 2010.A research project of  Ksh 4,500,000

Okayama University, Japan

Faculty of Agriculture


Areas: Research, development and student exchange and exchange of faculty and staff.

Achievements: visit by 9 professors to attend JKUAT scientific conference in Nov 2010, visit by 2 JKUAT (Dr. Mugai, Mrs.Ngamau)

Researchers in Aug. to Sep 2010 for joint research on soil stress and rice endophytes.

Oslo School of Architecture, Sweden

SABS 2008/2013
Areas: Exchange of visiting researchers and lecturers, joint research, teaching and laboratory facilities, graduate, under-graduate training, establishment of new educational programmes, training for technical/administrative staff, exchange of students.

Achievements: 5 teaching staff postgraduate at Masters level have graduated. 2 ongoing master’s level. 3 ongoing PhD level.

Pennsylvannia State University, USA RPE, BEED  2008/2013 Areas: Exchange of visits by scholars, Participation in research programmes, Sharing of scientific information.

Achievements: water well drilling rig at low cost (2010), steam engine generator project, student exchange annually from PSU to JKUAT.

K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology, India

Faculties of Agriculture, Science, College of Engineering, SHRD, ICSIT

Areas: Research and development; Capacity building; Exchange of staff
Achievements: JKUAT Mechatronic Dept. staff had a study visit to KSRT between Jan- April 2010; KSRCT five staff scheduled to teach at JKUAT between May – August 2010.

KSRCT nano technology scientist visited JKUAT in May 2010 to discuss setting up of KSRCT/JKUAT nano centre at JKUAT.

Joint supervision of PhD students in chemistry.

University of Reading, UK

Faculty of Science


Areas: Teaching, research, staff and student exchange.

University of Sunderland, UK



Areas: Master of Science IT Management; Master of Science IS engineering

Achievements: Joint training beneficial to both institutions has been going on since 2004.

University of West Cape, Southe Africa



Areas: R&D

Achievements: Joint research in Biodiversity funded by NCST started in 2010.

Deutsche Sammlung Von Mikroorganismen and ZelIkulture, Germany



Areas: Training and research collaboration, conservation and use of microbial diversity and joint workshops.

Achievements: Project forwarded for funding by GMBF of Germany.