Diploma in Architecture

This is a  six semester programme that leads to an award of a Diploma in Architecture is offered in collaboration with the Nairobi Institute of Technology (NIT) at the latter‘s campus that is based at Westlands in Nairobi.  After six semesters, those who score a distinction or credit may apply to join the bachelor of Architecture programme and to be exempted from the first two years.  Those who score a pass may apply to be considered to join the first year of any of the programs.  Otherwise graduates of this programme may engage in practice to provide technical support in different aspects in the field(s) of the built environment.

Admission Requirements
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) with a minimum aggregate of B- (minus) and C+ (plus) as the minimum grade in cluster Groups of 4 subjects which include: Mathematics, Physics, any subject from Group III (History and Government OR Geography OR Christian Religious Education OR Islamic Religious Education OR Hindu Religious Education); or 2nd  Group II (Biology or Chemistry); OR 2nd Group III OR Group IV (Home Science, or Art and Design or Agriculture or Aviation Technology or Computer Studies); OR Group V (French, German, Arabic, Music, Business Studies).  Intake is May every year.

We have students both from within the country and also from outside who are fully enrolled in the school.

Year 1

First Semester

  • HRD 0101 Communication Skills
  • SCH 0103 Chemistry
  • SMA 0170 Algebra
  • ICS 0421 Introduction to Computer
  • ABA 0101 History and Theory of Architecture I
  • ABA 0102 Architectural Communication I

Second Semester

  • SPH 0102 Physics
  • SMA 0171 Geometry
  • ABA 0103 Workshop Technology
  • ABA 0104 History and Theory of Architecture
  • ABA 0105 Construction Materials
  • ABA 0106 Architectural Communication II

Year 2

Third Semester

  • SMA 0270 Calculus
  • ABA 0201 Physical Environment I (Ecology)
  • ABA 0202 Physical Environment II (Geology)
  • ABA 0203 Construction Technology I
  • ECE 0261 Surveying I
  • ABA 0204 Computer Aided Design and Draughting
  • ABA 0205 Architectural Design

Fourth Semester

  • ABA 0206 Structures I
  • ABA 0207 Building Environmental Science
  • ABA 0208 Construction Technology II
  • ECE 0262 Surveying II
  • ABA 0209 Building Services I
  • ABA 0210 Architectural Design II
  • ABA 0211 Practical Attachment (8 weeks)

Year 3

Fifth Semester

  • ABA 0301 Structures II (Design)
  • ABA 0302 Construction Technology III
  • ABA 0303 Building Services II
  • ABA 0304 Building Economics
  • ABA 0305 Office Practice and Management
  • ABA 0306 Architectural Design III

Sixth Semester

  • ABA 0307 Architectural Design IV