BSc. Horticulture

The horticultural sector has acquired a bigger role in the economy of Kenya in generating self employment and increasing income for the rural  population. There is, therefore, a dire need for highly qualified manpower to provide the necessary skills to sustain and expand production for the local market, raw materials for the processing industry, and fresh exports. The Bachelor of Science degree programme in Horticulture is thus aimed at bringing about the realization of this potential. The broad objective of the programme is to train high level manpower with practical and theoretical skills in general horticulture who will, through research, extension, marketing, and self-employment, be able to improve and increase both the production of horticultural and other crops. At the end of the programme the graduates should be able to:

(a)  Perceive the importance of horticulture in the national economy with particular reference to the role of vegetables, fruits and flowers in meeting the family needs for food, clothing and shelter.
(b) Make use of the acquired knowledge and practical skills to raise production and improve marketing of horticultural crops and products on both small and large-scale farms.
(c)  Set up and run thriving private horticultural enterprise on vegetables, fruits or flowers.
(d)  Using acquired knowledge and practical skills, be able to relate and integrate production of horticultural crops with other farm enterprises.
(e)  Carry out simple, but meaningful scientific research on various facets of horticultural and other crop enterprises.
(f)   Promote environmental conservation by encouraging and effecting practices that minimize soil erosion and pollution from pesticides.

Admission Requirements
1.1.    A candidate wishing to be admitted into the B.Sc. degree programme in Horticulture must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements and Faculty of Agriculture regulations.

1.2.    In addition to the above, the candidate must have obtained an aggregate of C+ and  minimum of C (plain) in each of the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics/Physics OR C (plus) in each of the following subjects: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Geography or any of the Group IV subjects at K.C.S.E. or its equivalent.

1.3.    Alternatively, admission shall be granted to holders of Diploma in Horticulture (with credit and above) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology or from other institutions recognized by the University Senate. Such candidates shall enter the programme at the second year of study unless otherwise specified by the Faculty.

Year 1

  • HRD 2101 Communication Skills
  • HRD 2103 General Economics
  • AHS 2101 Introduction to General Agric. and Agrometeorology
  • SMA 2160 Mathematics I
  • SPH 2160 Physics I
  • SBT 2120 General Microbiology
  • SCH 2107 Chemistry I (Inorganic)
  • SBT 2202 Plant Morphology and Anatomy
  • HRD 2102 Development Studies
  • SMA 2161 Mathematics II
  • SPH 2161 Physics II
  • SCH 2106 Chemistry II (Physical)
  • SCH 2108 Chemistry III (Organic)
  • SBT 2302 Taxonomy of Higher Plants
  • SZL 2110 Entomology
  • AHS 2102 Animal Production
  • SZL 2111 HIV/AIDS

Year 2

  • HRD 2110 Farm Records and Accounts
  • ICS 2110 Information Technology I
  • ECE 2208 Technical Drawing and Survey
  • SMA 2262 Statistics
  • SBT 2200 Plant Biochemistry and Physiology
  • SBT 2220 Plant Physiology
  • AHS 2201 Weed Science
  • AHS 2202 Soil Science I
  • HRD 2111 Farm Management
  • HRD 2215 Information Technology II
  • AHS 2203 Principles of Horticulture
  • AHS 2204 Plant Propagation
  • AHS 2205 Genetics and Cytogenetics
  • AHS 2206 Ornamental Horticulture I
  • AHS 2207 Annual and Perennial Crops
  • AHS 2208 Soil Science II
  • AHS 2209 Field Attachment I

Year 3

  • HRD 2109 Agricultural Marketing
  • AHS 2301 Pomology I
  • AHS 2302 Olericulture I
  • AHS 2303 Plant Pathology
  • AHS 2304 Floriculture I
  • AHS 2305 Plant Nutrition
  • AHS 2306 Experimental Design
  • AAE 2306 Agricultural Structures I
  • AHS 2307 Pomology II
  • AHS 2308 Olericulture II
  • AHS 2309 Plant Breeding
  • AHS 2310 Floriculture II
  • AFP 2318 Postharvest Physiology
  • AHS 2311 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
  • AAE 2320 Introduction to Farm Power and Machinery
  • AHS 2312 Research Project I
  • AHS 2313 Field Attachment II

Year 4

  • SBT 2440 Ecology and Environmental Science
  • AHS 2401 Plant Biotechnology
  • AHS 2402 Crop Protection
  • AFP 2411 Postharvest Technology I (Perishables)
  • AAE 2420 Soil and Water Engineering
  • AHS 2403 Horticultural Seminar
  • AHS 2404 Research Project II (2 Units)
  • HRD 2113 Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension
  • AHS 2405 Seed Science and Technology
  • AHS 2406 Ornamental Horticulture II
  • AFP 2430 Principles of Food Processing and Preservation
  • AHS 2407 Soil Survey, Classification, Land Evaluation and Planning
  • AHS 2408 Landscape Design and Management
  • AHS 2409 Research Project III (2 Units)