Top Chinese University to Partner with JKUAT

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and Lanzou University (LZU) of China have signed a deal to collaborate in increasing knowledge base regarding semi-arid agriculture and related natural resources management.

Prof. Zhou plants a commemorative tree

The MoU which will be in effect for five years is primed to enhance professional skills of staff in both institutions through training, staff and student interactions and exchange of experiences and information.

Key areas of collaboration are project management and implementation, sharing of physical facilities, staff exchange, student training and attachment, research innovation and technology development, joint publications and intellectual property governance.

The MoU will establish an attachment programme and joint supervision of students doing research on topics touching on arid land agriculture and related disciplines. Speaking during the ceremony, LZU President, Prof. Xuhong Zhou said the initiative will also see students from Kenya awarded scholarships to facilitate their study in China.

Prof. Zhou and Prof. Imbuga (Left) with Mechanical Engineering students

Hosting the delegation from LZU, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mabel Imbuga reiterated that Kenya will greatly benefit from over 100 years experience of the Chinese Academic powerhouse in Dry-land Agriculture, by adapting technologies used in China to carry out efficient harvesting and storage of water in arid and semi arid areas.

The MOU also seeks to boost and enhance development through research, training, innovation and technological development in agriculture and other areas of mutual interest and provide an instrument for establishing collaborative initiatives for the growth of both institutions.

Accompanying LZU president to JKUAT were Prof. Wang Tieshan, Prof. Li fengmin, Prof. Xiong Yuacai, Mrs. Zhou Jianhui and Dr. Zhang Wengang.

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