Three new campuses inaugurated in Nairobi

Universities in the country have been asked to remain vigilant in the promotion and provision of quality education that the institutions of higher learning are offering particularly at present times when university education in Kenya is witnessing unprecedented expansion. Speaking in Nairobi, at a ceremony, Tuesday 19, 2012 organized to launch three of Jomo Kenyatta University Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) campuses located in Nairobi, Prof. Francis Gichaga, the University’s Chancellor advised university governing organs to ensure they acquired the necessary human and physical resources including buildings and laboratories that he said were instrumental in enhancing required standards of university education.

Prof. Gichaga told his listeners who included JKUAT Council, and the entire University Management Board they had to invest in the whole spectrum of education in order to secure a successful future for Kenyans. Globalization he said had come with many challenges that would only be confronted by the country’s top brains through the exploitation of knowledge mainly science, technology and innovation. ‘To participate in international trade, Kenya has to increase its investment in the area of science, technology and innovation”.

The Chancellor commended JKUAT for taking the initiative that had led to the establishment of new campuses in Nairobi and other places in the country’s major towns as a way of taking educational opportunities close to the people of Kenya. “Investing in education is an insurance towards building a better tomorrow for Kenyans”. Prof. Gichaga recalled the period when he was vice chancellor at the University of Nairobi in the 1990’s ‘when authorities then seriously considered relocating universities away from the City of Nairobi because they posed a threat to peace’. He added that Nairobi central business was now getting quickly transformed into an academic hub of investment since ‘most buildings in Nairobi’s CBD are now being acquired by universities’.

Engineer Julius Riungu, JKUAT Council Chairman pledged his Council would support the University administration to acquire more space in Nairobi where JKUAT would roll its programmes under one roof, a fact that he said was likely to reduce logistical costs.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Mabel Imbuga said the three JKUAT facilities in Nairobi namely; Karen Campus, Nairobi Campus and the CBD Campus were achieving their set objectives mainly in bringing JKUAT market oriented programmes close to the beneficiaries largely workers seeking higher education after work and during weekends. Prof. Imbuga reported that the campuses that had been established only a few years ago were now home to close to 5,000 registered students pursuing various JKUAT programmes. Karen campus is located in Nairobi’s Karen area while Nairobi Campus is located in the City’s Westlands area. Nairobi CBD campus is located at Pension Towers – the 13th Floor, Loita Street and at the Anshi Plaza, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of Biashara Street right at the City Centre.

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