The Digital Age Needs Computer Scientists – Juma

Mr. Juma makes his presentation

We live in a digital age full of opportunities and potential, and there is no chance of it waning anytime soon. According to Senior Software Engineer, United Bank of Africa, Mr. Kevin Juma, every industry needs a computer scientists to theorize, design, develop, and apply the software and hardware for the programmes we use due to the dependency and proliferation of technology in society.

“Paradigms have shifted. For instance, to keep up with fintech companies, banks have been forced to turn to technology to offer better services and support to clients,” said Mr. Juma

Mr. Juma, speaking during a lecture organised by ICT – Research, Consultancy and Training Department delved into the ‘Problem Solving Skills in the 21st Century from a Software Engineer Perspective’. He was addressing students from the School of Computing and Information Technology, JKUAT.

Mr. Juma, an alumnus of JKUAT, implored the students to embrace the digital age and use it to not only solve problems but also strive to improve the current solutions that exist. He however threw a caveat and encouraged them to take up research and innovation in order to develop research oriented solutions to problems facing the society.

“Research drives innovation. In the technological world, you cannot survive without innovation and innovation cannot survive without research,” said Mr. Juma.

A cross-section of the students following the lecture

Acknowledging that one needed a strong passion to innovate, Mr. Juma beseeched the students to learn, practice and improve their skills and technological knowledge to identify and address the gaps that can be solved with technology. “Use your innate wisdom to self-study, learn and apply whatever you learn,” he said.

He advised the students to approach and interact with people in the industry to keep abreast with what was happening in the ever changing dynamic world of technology.

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