The 3rd JKUAT open day to be held on July 27th 2012 at the Main Campus, Juja

JKUAT has held the annual event annually since 2010. During the event the University showcases its learning, research, innovation and development opportunities to its stakeholders and the general public.

The event attracts both local and international stakeholders with one of the main roles being the development of Science and Technology and complementing the national efforts to achieve economic growth.

The theme for this year’s open day, Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Industrialization and Food Security, highlights the importance of scientific and technological research findings as applied towards sustainable industrialization, resource exploitation and socio-economic growth. It also reflects the recognition of the fundamental role that science and technology and innovation play in wealth creation and general prosperity of mankind.

The objectives of the open day are to:

  1. Ensure the public benefits from university research
  2. Bridge the gap between discovery and commercial growth
  3. Train end users on adoption and utilization of new technologies
  4. Disseminate knowledge of the university’s technologies to the public
  5. Enable industrial/business sectors and policy makers to interact with researchers, so as to nurture new ideas and products for infusion into production systems and research.
  6. Provoke policy makers to appreciate the need for substantial and long-term investments in scientific research, innovation and industrialization.

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