Tenders – November 2022 (Re-advertisement)

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology invites sealed tenders from eligible bidders for provision of services, supply and delivery of goods and prequalification of suppliers for items below to our main Campus at Juja, Karen Campus and our other CBD campuses: Nairobi, Nakuru, Kitale, Kisii and Mombasa.

Interested and eligible candidates may inspect and obtain Tender Document from the University’s Department of Procurement at JKUAT – Main Campus or download documents from our website: www.jkuat.ac.ke free of charge from PPIP portal: Public Procurement Information Portal www.tenders.go.ke.

All Tenders and Framework contracts will be awarded for one year. Renewal for second year will be subject to satisfactory performance.

The Tenderers should stamp and serialize all pages and SHOULD NOT alter the Bid Document.

Sealed Tenders must be accompanied by duly completed forms as specified in the Bid Documents and addressed to:

Vice Chancellor,

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,

P.O. Box 62000 – 00200,


and placed in the Tender Box at the Department of Procurement JKUAT Main Campus. The documents should be in plain sealed envelopes indicating the Tender Number, without identifying the sender so as to reach the University not later than Friday 25th November, 2022 at 11:30 a.m.

Bids will be opened immediately thereafter at the University Assembly Hall in the presence of bidders/their representatives who wish to attend.

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Tender Documents:

S/No.Tender NumberDescriptionEligibility
  Category A. Tender (2022-2024) 
1JKUAT/66/2022-2023Disposal of obsolete/unserviceable items for the financial year 2021/2022Open
Category B. (Framework Agreements for 2022 -2024)
1JKUAT/1(a)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Stationery. Reserved only for AGPO
2JKUAT/1(b)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Toners and Cartridges.Open
3JKUAT/1(c)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Architectural Materials.Reserved only for AGPO
4JKUAT/2(a)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Dry Groceries.Reserved only for AGPO
5JKUAT/2(b)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Perishable Foodstuff (Vegetable and Fruits).Reserved only for AGPO
6JKUAT/2(c)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Perishable Foodstuff (Meat and Meat Products, Poultry, Fish and Eggs).Open
7JKUAT/2(d)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Charcoal and Wood Fuel.Reserved only for AGPO
8JKUAT/03/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials.Reserved only for AGPO
9JKUAT/6(a)/2022-2024Supply and delivery of Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines for the year (2022-2024)Open
10JKUAT/6(b)/2022-2024Supply and delivery of Medical Laboratory  Consumables  and Laboratory  Equipment for the year (2022-2024)Open
11JKUAT/6(c)/2022-2024Supply and delivery of Healthcare Products and Technologies (Dressings, Devices and X-ray consumables) for the year (2022-2024)Open
12JKUAT/6(d)/2022-2024Supply and delivery of Dental Consumables and Technologies for the year (2022-2024)Open
13JKUAT/10/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Chemicals (Water Treatment, Swimming Pool and Chemistry Production Center).Open
14JKUAT/43/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Hardware Materials (Plumbing Materials, Electrical materials, masonry materials, carpentry materials, building materials, paint and painting materialsReserved only for AGPO
15JKUAT/51/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Engineering tools and Equipment (Teaching and Attachment Materials).Open
Category C. (Registration of suppliers for 2022-2024)
1JKUAT/11/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Fertilizer, Farm Chemicals (Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides). Open
2JKUAT/15/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Tyres, Tubes and Batteries.Reserved only for AGPO
3JKUAT/16/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Oil Lubricants.Open
4JKUAT/18/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture.Open
5JKUAT/19/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Tailoring Items, Linen, Provision of Curtains Materials, Curtain rail, Staff Uniforms and graduation attires.   Open
6JKUAT/20/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Sports/Games, Uniforms and Equipment.Reserved only for AGPO
7JKUAT/21(a)/2022-2024Manufactures/distributors (cooking oil)Open
8JKUAT/21(b)/2022-2024Manufactures/distributors (bread)Open
9JKUAT/21(c)/2022-2024Manufactures/distributors (milk)Open
10JKUAT/21(d)/2022-2024Manufactures/distributors (soft drinks)Open
11JKUAT/21(e)/2022-2024Manufactures/distributors (paint)Open
12JKUAT/21(f)/2022-2024Manufactures/distributors (cement)Open
13JKUAT/21(g)/2022-2024Manufactures/distributors (steel metal)Open
14JKUAT/22/2022-2024Repair and Servicing of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration items.Open
15JKUAT/24/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment. (Computers, projector, photocopiers, printers and paper shredders)Open
16JKUAT/26/2022-2024Provision of Rehabilitation Services to University Vehicles (body and mechanical works).Open
17JKUAT/27/2022-2024Inspection, refilling and Servicing of Firefighting Equipment.Open
18JKUAT/28/2022-2024Repair and Servicing of Office Equipment (Photocopier, Printers, Scanners, Projectors and cash registers).Open
19JKUAT/30/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Veterinary Drugs.Open
20JKUAT/31/2022-2024Provision of Car hire and related services.Open
21JKUAT/32/2022-2024Provision of Publishing and Printing Services.Open
22JKUAT/33/2022-2024Servicing and Calibrating of Laboratory, Hospital and Medical Laboratory Equipment.Open
23JKUAT/34/2022-2024Supply and delivery of pest control Chemicals.Open
24JKUAT/37(a)/2022-2024General Building Contractors for Major works.Open
25JKUAT/37(b)/2022-2024General Building Contractors for Minor works.Reserved only for AGPO
26JKUAT/38/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Animal Feeds (Pigs, Cattle and poultry).Open
27JKUAT/39/2022-2024Provision of Hotel and Conference Facilities. Open
28JKUAT/40/2022-2024Hiring of Dome Tents and small tents, chairs, tables and flowers.Open
29JKUAT/41/2022-2024Provision of Audio Visual Systems Services.Open
30JKUAT/42/2022-2024Provision of Tertiary Textbooks.Open
31JKUAT/44/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle Service Parts.Open
32JKUAT/45/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Computer Accessories and UPS’s.Reserved only for AGPO
33JKUAT/48(a)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of specialized Kitchen Equipment and AppliancesOpen
34JKUAT/48(b)/2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Kitchen Utensils, crockery and Cutlery.Open
35JKUAT/49/(a)2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Lab Chemicals, Reagents and Glassware.Open
36JKUAT/49/(b)2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Lab Equipment.Open
37JKUAT/49/(c)2022-2024Supply and Delivery of Drugs (School of Pharmacy).Open
38JKUAT/50/2022-2024Provision of Clearing and Forwarding Services.Open
39JKUAT/52/2022-2024Provision of Legal Services.Open
40JKUAT/53/2022-2024Provision of Market Valuation Services for Asset(movable/immovable) and Property.Open