Tech Expo 10.0 Winners Unveiled

Winners of the JKUAT Tech Expo 10.0! Team Qualis!

As the JKUAT Tech Expo marked a decade of innovation excellence, Qualis Vision, a wearable device for the blind, took the day at the JKUAT Tech Expo 10.0. The innovation exhibited by Sammy Oina, Rodney Osodo, Smith Jilks, Washington Kamadi and Felix Wanyoike aims at giving sight to the blind through technology.

Their device makes use of reading and recognition devices such as cameras and microcomputers and turns them into indispensable aids for the visually impaired. The device incorporates spectacles with an embedded camera, audio output and a microcomputer.

The Qualis Vision offer three services; Optical Character Recognition that enables the blind to read any written material; Emotion detection that enables the blind person to interact with the emotions of the other person they are interacting with; and Image captioning where the blind person gets a review of their surroundings.

Over the years, the climate condition of the globe has continued to be erratic forcing farmers to come up with efficient ways of curbing climate change. To dip their hands in curbing climate change, Beatrice Kamau, Nicole Muthoni, Elijah Musyoka and Kevin Mutua emerged second in a field of 14 innovations with their Dripping Solar Innovation, an automatic solar powered dripping irrigation system.

Dripping Solar Innovators receive their dummy cheque

Their system irrigates the crop when the soil moisture goes below set value and maximizes on the photosynthesis process for optimum effect. For monitoring and efficiency, the system has an inbuilt communication system that enables the user to get SMS notification when water is below set value and soil moisture data is uploaded to the user in real time.

Clean energy was not left behind. Alex Githongo and Geofrey Wekesa scooped the third position with their innovation of generation of electricity from living plants. Their project seeks to generate green energy, specifically electricity, from plants devoid of affecting their growth. The innovators believe that their innovation provides energy that is clean, green, cheap and efficient, and can be generated in bulk in rice fields and swamps.

Since inception in 2009, the Expo has seen people throng the exhibition booths where through a social media campaign they pick their favorite innovation under the People’s Choice Award. Through this campaign, Nywele Nyumbani bundled the fiercely competitive award. Exhibited by Yvonne Elabonga and Mercy Jebet, Nywele Nyumbani, is a mobile app that seeks to bring the hair care experience to the comfort of your home. The app links you to the most qualified stylist for your hairstyle and monitor the experience.

Earlier, Emmanuel Kinyanjui, Software Engineer at PayGo energy while delivering his Key Note speech to the innovators, urged them to think through their innovation, follow through and present them with confidence.

Team Electricity from plant

“As an innovator you should be able to carry out sufficient research and innovate in the space that caters for the needs of the society. Always be open to critic and use it to push your innovation to the next level,” said Kinyanjui.

With globalisation leveling the playing field, Kinyanjui, a Mechatronics Engineering alumni of JKUAT, implored the students to seek collaboration and open up to competition as far as Harvard University to sharpen their skills and improve on the knowledge gained in class.

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