Take Advantage of Local Universities Expertise, Urges Murang’a County Speaker

Mr. Kariuki addresses the congregation

Kenyan universities have the capacity to address challenges affecting the country if the government fully engaged the professionals in such institutions.

Speaking when he led a delegation of Murang’a County Assembly Members to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Friday October 19, 2018, on an education tour, the Speaker of the Assembly, Mr Nduati Kariuki said Kenyan universities had a lot to contribute in complimenting the government in its Big 4 Agenda.

He singled out JKUAT as a University whose reputation in research and innovation was highly desirable, urging other counties to benchmark with the local institutions for their individual solutions.

Despite the fact that people could have good sources of information, skills and finances, he noted, nothing could be realized in the absence of proper foresight and expertise to actualize a dream.

“There must always be a confluence of foresight, finances and expertise to achieve a targeted dream”, said Mr Kariuki who was accompanied by among others the Clerk of the Assembly, Mr Chris Kinyanjui.

Dr. John Kinyuru elucidates the importance of value addition to a section of the Murang’a County officials

He said employment in Murang’a, particularly among the youth, was structural than real, because they were endowed with brains and resources. It was time, he pointed out that, people stopped lamenting and finding possible solutions to their challenges.

Mr Kariuki urged the government to utilize the locally available resources and technologies such as those provided at JKUAT in realizing its development agenda instead of looking for the same elsewhere.  If India started with cottage industries, and it is today respected for the large industries exporting best clothing and machineries, who says if we all put our act together and clear focus we cannot achieve our desires? he queried.

In her response while welcoming the members, Vice Chancellor Prof Victoria Ngumi thanked the County government of Murang’a for their interest to visit, familiarize themselves with the University’s provisions before making informed decisions on the areas they would wish to partner with the university.

She said the Big 4 agenda of the government were all anchored at the university with colleges and schools that had long before been playing their part in national development in response to the needs of the Country’s citizens. The University’s researchers and professionals, she told the gathering, started working with the Government in various projects like the Galana Kulalu among others, well before the big four was hatched.

A commemorative between JKUAT staff and Murang’a County Legislature

During the meeting, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Production and Extension, Prof. Mary Abukutsa urged counties in the country to take advantage of the expertise in universities even at individual levels as there was so much to benefit from.

Also present were Acting Deputy Vice Chancellors; Prof Robert Kinyua (Academic Affairs) and Prof Benard Ikua (Administration) among other senior managers of the university.

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