Students with Disabilities Sensitized on Employability

Dr. Wanzala gives her remarks during the sensitization meeting.

The Dean of Students office convened a meeting to sensitize students particularly those living with disabilities on employability programme that seeks to equip them with requisite skills for an effective shift from the classroom to the job market.

Speaking on the objective of the programme, Light of the World Programme Officer, Jane Waithera said, the programme focuses on empowering students with disabilities with skills, necessary in ensuring they acquire confidence and employability skills, crucial for soft landing into the job market.

“This programme will equip students with disabilities with soft skills essential in improving their confidence that will make them employable and attractive to the employer,” she said.

She underscored the need for awareness building amongst students and faculty on disability through identification of ambassadors to ensure inclusivity of students with disability within campus.

Mr.  Onkoba engages the speakers  during the question and answer session.

“If we remove the barriers and include people with disability in our everyday functions, this will make them feel part and parcel of the community,” Waithera said.

Programme Coordinator, The African Centre for Women, Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT), Mr. George Makori commended the programme, which he said, is a step forward for students seeking employment, strategically positioning themselves to be handpicked by prospective employers.

“This is a gracious opportunity for you to make a difference in the job market,” he said.

As the adage goes, “The road to progress is always under construction,” Mr. Mokari said, adding,  students who will be inducted into the programme will acquire soft skills that will complement hard skills learnt while ensuring the University churns out holistic students for the ever evolving job market.

“The programme will shape you to align with the current employers’ demands and expectations thus ensuring you are better placed and fully equipped for the job market,” Mr. Makori observed.

Ms. Waithera makes her presentation.

Speaking on the impact of the programme, Dean of Student, Dr. Fredah Wanzala, said the programme would nature students holistically, arming them with the requisite occupational skills crucial in endearing them to potential employers.

“The programme will furnish the students with expertise that will be essential in ensuring they are job creators and not job seekers,” Dr. Wanzala declared.

JKUSA Academic Secretary, William Onkoba hailed the programme for its envisaged benefits to students with disabilities including equipping them with leadership skills as well as professional information to help them carve a niche in the workplace.

“The initiative will change the perspective of employers towards people living with disability, boost their chances of securing jobs whilst enhancing mainstreaming and inclusivity in the job environment,” he stated.

The employability programme, a one year pilot, is a Standard Chartered Bank initiative that will see JKUAT collaborate with ACWICT as the training partner, while Light for the World as the consultant on disability issues.

The programme runs from September 2020 to September 2021 and will be conducted virtually due to prevailing Covid-19 situation. Priority will be given to those seeking field attachments. The programme entails training on soft skills, internship and job shadowing.

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