Students Trained on Financial Modelling

Mr. Simon Kimali of InVhestia shows students how to use Excel during the Financial Modelling Training

Financial modeling has become a critical component in projecting business or organization performance as it is predicated on indicators such as risk assumptions and growth. Companies that wish to make clear decisions based on reliable financial data engage potential employees with this important skill.

To ensure students are market-ready, the School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SOBE) in the College of Human Resource Development in conjunction with InVhestia, a corporate finance advisory company, conducted a one-day workshop to equip students with financial modeling skills.

The training, aimed to familiarize the students with fundamental financial principles, data analysis, spreadsheet management, creating model schedules and improve their Microsoft excel skills was also conducted in preparation of the IMARI Inter-University Competition scheduled to take place later this month.

Mr. Simon Kimali, a corporate financial analyst at InVhestia Africa Limited, described financial modeling as a method that tries to give a simulation of real-world financial scenarios in order to estimate future business performance.

“Financial modeling assists in projecting the probability of a business/institution’s revenue outcome. This is significant in future planning because it allows a firm to protect its future by evaluating the impact of a future event or action,” Mr. Kimali stated.

He said that the training was influenced by a skills gap among graduates from higher education institutions, particularly in the field of finance who he noted, lack the requisite financial modeling skills.

“As InVhestia, we identified skills gap among incoming graduates that was restricting their career opportunities, so we embarked on college tours to enlighten and upskill them with this expertise, which will boost their overall prospects,” Mr. Kimali said.

He urged the students to practice their excel skills so that they would be well-equipped to manage risk, allocate resources, make wise investments and establish long-term strategies that would make them appealing to potential employers.

Elifet Ouma, a third year Strategic Management student lauded the training for helping him comprehend the importance of financial modeling in businesses and the opportunities that are open to individuals who have the expertise.

“I encourage my fellow students to seize opportunities because it will improve their lives. I hope the event was beneficial to those who attended and changed their focus on the importance of improving one’s skills in order to be better positioned to transition to the world of work,” Ouma, who is also the SOBE representative, stated.

Meanwhile, SOBE’s Jomo Kenyatta Economics Students Association (JKESA) in collaboration with Association of Chattered Certified Accountants (ACCA) organized a career talk for students on professional courses offered by ACCA.

The event sought to create awareness on the professional courses offered at ACCA and their relevance in their career field.

Mr. Lameck Mito, Business Relationship Manager at ACCA East Africa, said, ACCA, as a global organization offering professional courses with ties globally, gives the finest potential for students to be competitive internationally.

Dr. Douglas Rosana from the Department of Economics urged students to prioritize developing their capacity and take advantage of opportunities accessible to them to improve their prospects in the job market.

organizers and trainees in a commemorative photo

“JKUAT provides opportunities to students to be competitive. Career seminars, symposia, bootcamps and professional courses are some of the opportunities,” Dr. Rosana who is also Director of Professional Studies said.

He emphasized collaboration between institutions of higher learning and industry in providing students with insights into market needs.

Dr. Rosana commended both InVhestia and ACCA for their role in enhancing students’ knowledge and competencies that will help shape their careers.

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