Students Guided on Navigating Sustainable Career Paths 

Muhamedin Hussein addressing the students on the importance of branding as young people

The three-day Annual Career Fair organized by the Office of the Dean of Students in conjunction with the Office of the Academic Affairs Secretary (JKUSA) and the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences’ Career Talk sparked a revolutionary symposium at the university, reshaping the way students perceived their career trajectories.

Under the banner of ‘Sustainable Career: Navigating the Future Responsibly,’ the university hosted an event that amalgamated diverse perspectives from professionals and industry leaders, November 14th to 16th.

Green campus caravan members and the JKUSA officials in a commemorative photo

Representatives from esteemed organizations like Kang4Nature, the Green Campus Caravan, BitDev, Zynamis, and the Young African Leaders Initiative converged with experts from NCBA group, Isuzu East Africa, Bounty Analytica, Triple MA investments, and DTE consultancy.

The event commenced with the Academic Affairs Secretary, in partnership with the Dean of Students, underscoring the significance of blending education, professional development, and sustainable practices in the evolving job market.

Prof. John Githiri, the Deputy Dean of Students, reaffirmed the university’s commitment to nurturing graduates who weren’t merely academically astute but were also socially and environmentally conscious leaders.

Throughout the week, students engaged in insightful sessions led by professionals. Dr. Robert Nyambati from KEFRI shared the art of proposal writing as a gateway to success in the competitive job market. His emphasis on communication skills and the potency of a well-crafted proposal resonated with the audience, highlighting the practical skills required for success.

Meanwhile, Mohamedin Hussein, Chairperson of the Youth Forum Kenya, and Miss Emmaculate Muthoki, CEO of Everglow Digital Solutions, emphasized personal branding. Mohamedin stressed the importance of standing out in a competitive landscape, urging students to make their impact felt and recognized, while Miss Muthoki highlighted the power of online presence and its role in shaping one’s professional image.

These platforms not only unveiled the intricacies of various career paths but also provided students with the tools needed to navigate the complex job market.

Prof Antony Waititu, Dean, School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, urged students to take advantage of such platforms where they can get people to talk to them and learn from them.

Dr. Agnes Mindila, Director SCIT ,giving her remarks

His sentiments were echoed by other faculty members including Dr. Agnes Mindila, Director School of Computing and Information Technology.

Workshops, panel discussions, and hands-on interactions with professionals opened doors for students to explore career options that aligned with their passions while emphasizing the significance of sustainability, personal branding, and networking in forging a successful career.

By amalgamating the insights from the Sustainable Career Fair and the practical career guidance offered by the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, the university fostered a generation of future professionals equipped not only with academic prowess but also with the skills and mindset necessary to drive meaningful change in their careers and the world.

A commemorative group photo of the guests together with the students.

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