Students Encouraged to Leverage on the Available Opportunities  

Prof. Thiongo addresses the students during the forum

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (SMPS) hosted a career talk for students in their final year, where they interacted with professionals who gave them valuable advice on the various emerging trends and opportunities in the workplace.

The event, which serves as an important forum for preparing students for the demands of the labor market, will ensure a smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace.

During the forum, Prof. George Thiongo, Principal College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS), urged the students to be open-minded about the opportunities that life has to offer, noting that only those who are aggressive in their endeavors will be able to obtain the available employment opportunities.

“What we aspire to be and what we eventually become are two different things. Life may define your career path, but you must be proactive and mentally prepare for the challenges ahead,” Prof. Thiongo observed.

Students require professional guidance for a smooth transition to the job market.

According to Dr. Vincent Were, a Postdoctoral Researcher at KEMRI the employment sector has been unable to keep up with the large number of graduates entering the job market each year, urging students to think outside the box in order to carve out a niche in the competitive job market.

Due to the importance of internships and attachments in providing students with critical skills such as soft skills, Dr. Were advised students to look for volunteer opportunities that various companies may offer them, as this would be beneficial in sharpening their skills while gaining valuable experience.

“It is important to seek industrial attachment in well-established professional firms.” “We do offer internships and mentorship programs to students at KEMRI,” he stated.

On her part, Head of the Mathematical Finance Department at Strathmore University, Dr. Lucy Muthoni, called upon the students to familiarize with the respective professional bodies and what they do.

Dr. Were gives the students important tips when choosing their careers.

She emphasized the importance of professional mentorship, noting that it is pivotal in guiding students to adequately package themselves for the dynamic job market.

Prof. Anthony Waititu, Dean of SMPS, highlighted the importance of the forum in adequately preparing students, urging them to be keen, interact with professionals, and form important networks.

“As students, I implore you to ensure that you understand the key aspects of this event.” “Be patient and take the necessary steps to become what you want to be in the future,” Prof. Waititu advised.

Appreciating the organizers of the event, Linda Wambui, a Fourth Year Analytical Chemistry student said the forum, one of many that she has attended will be useful in guiding her in making important decisions about her future career.

“The event has been an eye opener on the importance of patience, writing a good Curriculum Vitae and obtaining the requisite information from credible sources. These will come in handy as I seek employment after my studies,” Linda asserted.

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