Students’ Association Holds Pad Drive

JKUAT AIESEC team receive sanitary towels from members for philanthropy

The International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) in JKUAT organized a CSR pad drive in collaboration with other institutions to educate students and the host community about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

The event, which took place on Saturday, July 21, 2023, drew companies such as Girl-up, Keep A Girl in School (KGS), and the Center for Civic Education and Community Empowerment (CECEI), among others, in order to foster inclusivity and create a supportive environment in which every young girl can manage her menstruation in dignity.

While speaking on the importance of the drive in addressing the availability of sanitary towels to young women, the team leader, university and alumni relations, AIESEC, Victor Mutembei, said the pad drive aimed to fundraise and appeal for donations to provide girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with menstrual and hygiene products.

“This event is critical in ensuring that we have a good social impact by promoting gender equality and providing assistance to those in need,” Mutembei, a third-year corporate communications student said.

He further stated that the event would not just focus on menstrual issues, but would also prepare the participants to deal with sexual harassment and the significance of maintaining good mental health.

Ms. Ivy Kuira, the founder and Executive Director of KGS, stated that her firm, which gives sanitary pads to disadvantaged girls in slums and other marginalized regions, was excited to be a part of the campaign to “keep girls in school.”

Ms. Kuira said that due to the current economic climate, many households are unable to purchase basic necessities such as sanitary pads, causing girls to miss school during their menstrual cycle; which should not be the case.

“By pooling our resources as young people, we can help those in need and improve their lives, and this is one of those ways.” “I’d like to thank AIESEC for this initiative, which will help those who can’t afford sanitary pads,” Ms. Kuira said.

According to Maisie Salem, a fourth-year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student, and AIESEC JKUAT chapter president, the association, which is a global platform aims to develop young people’s potential through practical experiences like internships and volunteer opportunities. They also, organize events, like the Saturday drive, as a way of giving back to the community.

“As an organization, we believe that making an impact on a local scale will be critical in changing the lives of many people and will create a ripple effect that will last for years,” Salem said.

She lauded the partners who helped make the drive a success and encouraged the participants to take on responsibility and try to do good wherever they are.

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