Staff and Students Access Free Cervical Cancer Screening

Dr. Kanyi of SOS Chilndren's Villages (right) with one of the clients

Dr. Kanyi of SOS Children’s Villages (right) with one of the clients

Hundreds of female students and staff received free cervical cancer screening and treatment at the University Hospital, Friday, January 30, 2014. During the exercise that was jointly organized by the University, SOS Children’s Villages, Kenya and the Kenya Female Cancer Foundation, the ladies were also sensitized on how to keep the disease at bay and benefits of periodic screening.

Michael Moika from the Kenya Female Cancer Foundation noted that two out of every 100 female Kenyans suffer from cervical cancer, yet the disease can be managed and treated if diagnosed early. He added that due to ignorance, denial and fear of stigmatization, many women suffer in silence from the disease.

Ms. Mercy Kioo of College of Engineering and Technology said the exercise is more comfortable compared to other diagnostic procedures like Pap smear.

“It is important to undertake periodic screening for early detection of possible cancerous cells. It is something that all ladies should take seriously,” Mercy advised.

A section of the students and staff that turned up for the exercise

A section of the students and staff that turned up for the exercise

Cervical cancer is mainly caused by the Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV). Other occurrences have been linked to multiple sex partners, certain family planning methods like implants and genetics. The symptoms include; lower abdominal pain, unusual discharge and pain during intercourse.

Susan Mumbi, a fourth year electrical and electronics engineering student who turned up for the screening urged contemporaries to abandon popular belief that they are too young for the disease and engage professional services.

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