SOMMME Introduces New Programs to Foster Career Opportunities

Dr. Gladys Ng’etich advising the students on the importance of embracing flexibility.

The School of Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Materials Engineering (SOMMME) has unveiled two ground-breaking programs: the Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. This initiative marks a significant milestone for the school, signaling a focused drive towards innovation and career-centric education.

The inaugural intake in September 2023 witnessed enthusiastic enrolment, with 21 students embarking on the journey of Aerospace Engineering and 5 diving into Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. Both programs have found their home within the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

According to the Chairman of Department, Dr. Peter Oketch, an overarching objective for these programs is to achieve autonomy within the span of three years.

To instill invaluable insights and offer career guidance, the school orchestrated sessions where a diverse array of stakeholders, including professionals from the Kenya Space Agency, Kenya Airports Authority, Kenya Airways, Engineering Board of Kenya, Defence Forces Technical College (DEFTEC), and Kenya Aeronautical College engaged in meaningful discussions with the students.

These industry professionals imparted wisdom regarding the myriad of career paths available, stressing the importance of deliberate intentionality in pursuits and emphasizing the pivotal role of networking.

A cross-section of the student follow the proceeding during the meeting

They underscored the necessity for students to cultivate skills extending beyond the confines of their academic curriculum, particularly honing communication skills essential for effective professional interactions.

The spotlight also shone on internship conduct, with emphasis placed on its reflection on future workplace behavior. Students were ardently encouraged to adopt a proactive approach in seeking out opportunities, understanding that opportunities seldom present themselves by mere waiting.

Dr. Gladys Ng’etich, an alumna of JKUAT, shared her pearls of wisdom, advising students to craft a plan while embracing flexibility, acknowledging diversions, and remaining receptive to unforeseen opportunities. She accentuated the significance of stepping beyond one’s comfort zone, highlighting personal growth and a transformative shift in perspectives as a result.

Beyond serving as a launch for these academic programs, the event provided an invaluable platform for guidance and mentorship from seasoned professionals in the field.

Maritim Shine, a first-year student pursuing Material and Metallurgical Engineering, lauded the session, acknowledging a newfound clarity about her course and the diverse career avenues awaiting exploration.

A commemorative group photo of the students together with the stakeholders.

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