SOMMME holds Sensitization for First Year Students

A student takes part during the question and answer session

The School of Mechanical Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (SOMMME) organized a sensitization session for first-year students on college rules and regulations, life experiences in and out of the university, gender and sexual harassment as well as intellectual property (IP) rights, as well as guidance and counselling.

The event, held Wednesday, March 1, 2023, at the   Assembly Hall attracted notable speakers who spoke about various topics and provided insights on important aspects that directly affect students, such as navigating the job market, provided students with the necessary information to relate to their courses and the outside world.

Regarding Intellectual Property (IP), Directorate of Intellectual Property Management and University-Liaison, Eng. Benson Kariuki said, students should be creative and eager to study and conduct research in order to get experience in their respective fields.

Eng, Kariuki further noted that it is necessary to turn an invention or idea into a useful good or service, and that all of this should result in providing solutions.

In addition, Eng. Kariuki underscored the importance of having good character, that is backed up by responsibility, dependability, respect is essential to an engineer’s life.

Chair, Marine Department, Dr. Jotham Munyalo, stated that in the field of engineering, excellence is rewarded. His words were reiterated by fellow chairs of departments; Dr James Kimotho, (Mechanical) Karanja Kabini, (Mechatronics) and Dr Juliah Muriuki (Mining).

According to Dr. Obiko, being competitive, which comes with effective time management and preparation, will help one become the best in a certain market. In order to educate students for innovation and lifelong learning and to give them opportunities for personal growth, schools should implement a variety of training and research programmes vital to the development of the county.

Mr. Isaac Muinde from the Directorate of Gender, also spoke with students about the crucial subject of sexual harassment and gender, outlining the best personal and interpersonal behaviour and conduct expected of every student without violating any ones private space.

Speaking at the event, an alumnus, Sharon Ateka who is an engineer, gave a talk on campus life and urged the students not to be too hard on themselves. She encouraged them to ensure they have the right mentors in their career path.

“Stay true to your purpose and remember you have time. “ Sharon stated.

The event was also attended by students’ counsellors; Sister Jane Njoroge, and Magret Wainaina the head of counselling, who encouraged students to be responsible and seek counselling services available within the university. Sister Jane Njoroge also urged the students to take their prayer life seriously and invest in God.

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