SODeL orients Students on Online Common Units

Students register for online common units

The School of Open, Distance and eLearning (SODeL) held its orientation for the online based common units; Communication Skills, Life Skills/HIV and Development Skills for 1st year students, June 11, 2018. The units offered at the Main Campus and across all JKUAT satellite campuses benefit over 5000 students each intake to enhance the development of their judgment, problem assessment, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Mr. Valentine Ouma one of the facilitators at School of Open, Distance and eLearning (SODeL) urged the students to diligently take the common units as they were beneficial to their personal growth.

“As students you need these units for critical thinking skills as you grow to be holistic individuals in your respective schools and society,” said Mr. Ouma.

Mr. Ouma also said that HIV/AIDS is a national pandemic and that awareness should be created in universities to enable the students make informed decisions.

Students who have undertaken the online units have lauded their direct impact and benefits they offer to students in the university.

“These units have assisted me to be a better communicator and also a better listener in terms of the interpersonal skills. The HIV unit specifically has taughtme how to be morally responsible to myself and others while not passing judgments regardless of my status while chasing my dream”, said Joshua Chirchir, a 2nd year Information Technology student.

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