SES Participants Speak on Balancing Passion, Innovation, and Collaboration

Panel Discussion. From Left: Eileen Tailani, Ms. Lesley Wamere, Francis Munyau, Ms. Pauline Wachira, Mr. Kelvin Ndemo, Dr. Hiram Nderitu, Prof. Bernard Ikua and Eunice Nyakanga.

In a bid to bridge the gap between technical and soft skills in the field of engineering, Society of Engineering Students (SES) at JKUAT held a two-day event on October 13-14, bringing together industry players, faculty, and students.

Running under the theme, ‘Unleashing the Power of Digital Connectivity, From Idea to Innovation,’ the event aimed to empower aspiring engineers with a holistic perspective on their profession.

One of the highlights of the event was a panel discussion featuring accomplished engineers from various domains. This discussion provided a captivating insight into the world of engineering and its boundless possibilities.

JKUAT Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua, JKUAT College of Engineering and Technology Principal, Dr. Hiram Ndiritu, Head of Engineering, SolarNow BV, Ms. Pauline Wachira, Design and Development Engineer, Potpourri, Ms. Lesley Wamere, Co-founder and CEO, Afrikanest, Mr. Kelvin Ndemo and Mechatronic Masters Student Francis Munyau shared their personal journeys and invaluable experiences.

The discussions highlighted individual paths to success as well as the importance of achieving a harmonious work-life balance, fostering creativity through collaboration, and encouraging aspiring engineers to be bold in their pursuits.

The panelists spoke passionately about their own journeys, from navigating the intricacies of their various fields of engineering to the ever-evolving realm of software development. Their diverse backgrounds underscored that engineering is a vast and dynamic field, filled with opportunities that transcend traditional boundaries. Narratives of their trials and triumphs were inspiring, revealing the relentless determination and dedication required to excel in engineering.

Across section of the students keenly following the panel discussion

A central theme of the discussion was the pursuit of balance in the demanding field of engineering. The panelists underscored the significance of maintaining a balance between professional commitments and personal well-being.

They discussed strategies for time management, setting priorities, and the importance of self-care to combat burnout, emphasizing that achieving equilibrium in one’s life is key to long-term success and happiness.

Another compelling facet of the discussion was the encouragement for engineering students to think outside the box and seek collaborations with other fields. The panelists advocated for interdisciplinary approaches, arguing that some of the most groundbreaking innovations emerge at the intersection of multiple disciplines.

They implored the next generation of engineers to be bold in their endeavors, embrace a growth mindset, and actively engage with experts from diverse fields to bring fresh perspectives to their work.

The President, Society of Engineering Students, Ancet Mwendwa said the panel discussion, moderated by students; Eileen Tailani, Civil Engineering and Eunice Nyakanga, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, served as a powerful reminder of the boundless potential within the engineering world and the importance of forging a balance between professional pursuits and personal fulfillment.

“The panelists left an indelible mark, inspiring us to embark on our own engineering journeys with renewed vigor and a commitment to creating innovative solutions for a better future,” said Ancet.

The two-day event also witnessed a mentorship session to two schools, Dawamu High School and Muruguru girls. The session was designed to provide the students with that first vital guidance on what it takes to navigate through an engineering course and lay the foundation for a successful engineering career.

The President, Society of Engineering Students, Ancet Mwendwa addresses the congregation

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