Sensitization of staff on performance contracting

The Directorate of performance Contracting and Appraisal (DIPCA) together with the staff Union officials will conduct sensitization on Performance Contracting for all staff between February 1st and 4th 2011. There will be morning sessions running from 9 am to 11 am and afternoon sessions running from 2pm to 4 pm. The venue is Assembly Hall. All staff are invited to attend. The detailed schedule is as follows:

Department (s) Cluster
Date & Venue

Faculty of Agriculture

Department of Horticulture; Department of Food Science and Technology and Land Resource Planning and Management

School of Human Resource Development (SHRD)
Commerce and Business Studies;  Social Sciences and Humanities and Entrepreneurship and Procurement

Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology (ICSIT)
Computer Science and Information Technology

A Assembly Hall

Tue. Feb. 1st 2011
Morning (9 am)

Faculty of Science

Botany; Biochemistry; Pure and Applied Mathematics; Statistics and Actuarial Science; Physics; Chemistry; Physics; Zoology and Medical Microbiology

Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases (ITROMID)
Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS)

B Assembly Hall

Tue. Feb. 1st 2011
Afternoon (2 pm)

Student Welfare

Dean of Students; Halls of Residence; Chaplaincy and Games and Sports
Board of Postgraduate Studies
Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor
Office of the Registrar, Academic Affairs; Office of Deputy Registrar, Programmes and Training; Office of Deputy Registrar, Admissions and Office of Deputy Registrar, Examinations
C Assembly Hall

Wed. Feb. 2nd 2011 Morning (9 am)

College of Engineering and Technology

Mechanical Engineering; Biomechanical and Environmental Engineering; Mechatronics; Civil Engineering; GEGIS; Telecommunications Engineering and Electrical and Electronic

School of Architecture and Building Sciences
Architecture; Landscape Architecture and Construction Management

Engineering workshops

D Assembly Hall

Wed. Feb. 2nd 2011 Afternoon (2 pm)

Research, Production and Extension

Institute of Biotechnology Research (IBR); Institute of Energy and Environmental Technologies (IEET); Food Technology Center (FOTEC); SMARTEC; Extension Section; Research Section; Production Section; Linkages Section, Office of the DVC; Office of the Registrar; Nursery School; Bookshop; Farm and Farm workshops; Crops & Livestock; CPC and UCCD
E Assembly Hall

Thur. Feb. 3rd 2011 Morning (9 am)

Vice Chancellor

Internal Audit; Legal Office; Ombudsman; Security; Industry linkages; DAQA; DiPCA; Office of the VC; Public Relations and Gender Office
F Assembly Hall
Thur. Feb. 3rd 2011
Afternoon (2 pm)

Administration, Planning and Development Division

Finance; Procurement; Hospital; Transport; Estate; Office of the DVC (APD); Office of the Registrar (APD); Central Services; Human Resources Department; Personnel, Recruitment and Training; Planning; Central Registry; Catering; Tailoring and Printery
G Assembly Hall

Friday, Feb. 4th 2011 Morning (9 am)

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