Season for 2011/2012 Staff Performance Contracting

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Mabel Imbuga Tuesday August 2011 cascaded the 2011/ 2012 Performance contracting (PC) obligations to the Deputy Vice Chancellors, who head the three University Divisions namely Academic Affairs, Research, Production and Extension and Administration, Planning and Development.

Prof. Romanus Odhiambo signed the P.C for his Academic affairs division while Prof. Esther Kahangi sealed her obligations the Research, Production and Extensions docket as well as for the Administration, Planning and Development Division which she is heading in an Acting capacity

Two campus principals, Prof. Hamadi Boga of the JKUAT Taita Taita campus and Prof. Walter Oyawa, Principal College of Engineering and Technology also signed their P.C commitments with the vice chancellor. Prof. Imbuga has already made her P.C pledges with Council.

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