Teaching Staff

Dr. (Eng.) Gareth Kituu
Dean, School of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering (SoBEE)
Senior Lecturer
PhD – JKUAT, Kenya
Specialization: Agricultural processing, Agricultural structures, Agricultural power and machinery, and Renewable energy
Email: gkituu@jkuat.ac.ke
Prof. Urbanus N. Mutwiwa

Associate Professor
Senior Lecturer
PhD Horticultural Sciences (Biosystems and Horticultural Engineering – Hannover University, Germany
Specialization: Controlled environment, Agriculture processes engineering, Climate change and Sustainable energy
Email: umutwiwa@jkuat.ac.ke

Prof. Eng. Bancy Mbura Mati
PhD Rural Land Use and GIS– Cranfield University, UK
Specialization: Land and water management
Email: bancym@gmail.com
Prof. Mwangi Gathenya
PhD Engineering – Kaiserslautern, Germany
Specialization: Integrated watershed management, Remote sensing and GIS in environmental modelling, Land use and climate change on agricultural and environmental systems
Prof. Christopher L. Kanali
Associate Professor
PhD – Osaka Prefecture University
Specialization: Processing of agricultural materials, Renewable energy resources, Greenhouse performance, Storage of biological materialsm, Modeling and simulation in solving engineering problems, and Agricultural machinery
Email: ckanali@jkuat.ac.ke
Prof. Joseph T. Mailutha
Associate Professor
PhD –
Specialization: Processing
Email: jtmailutha@yahoo.co.uk
Prof. Patrick G. Home
Associate Professor
PhD – IIT – Kharagpur, India
Specialization: Application of RS and GIS in detecting and mapping land use changes and land use planning, Irrigation and Drainage, Waste water engineering and pollution control, Rainwater harvesting, Aquacultural engineering
Email: pghome@agr.jkuat.ac.ke
Prof. Wambua Kaluli
Associate Professor
PhD Interdisciplinary Studies – McGill University, Canada
Specialization: Water and environmental engineering
Email: wambuak@gmail.com
Dr. Steve Mugucia
Senior Lecturer
PhD Agricultural Engineering – Iwate University, Japan                       Specialization: Machinery
Dr. Patrick Ajwang
Senior Lecturer
PhD Horticulture Engineering – University of Hannover, Germany
Specialization: Agricultural processing, Agricultural machinery, Agricultural structures, Project management, Procurement and contracting
Email: ajwang@agr.jkuat.ac.ke
Dr. (Eng.) James Messo
Senior Lecturer
PhD – Egerton University, Kenya
Specialization: Environmental management, Rainwater harvesting and development, Water resources development, Irrigation and drainage, System design and management, Reclamation of arid and semi-arid areas, and Faecal sludge management
Email: ramesso@jkuat.ac.ke
Dr. Stephen Ondimu
Chairman, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department    Lecturer
PhD – Osaka Pref. University, Osaka, Japan
Specialization: Bioenvironmental control, Biosystems instrumentation and modelling, Bioprocessing, Clean and sustainable energy, Research/technology based entrepreneurship
Email: sondimu@jkuat.ac.ke
Dr. Jackline Ndiiri
PhD– JKUAT, Kenya
Specialization: Land use and water management
Email: jndiiri@jkuat.ac.ke
Mr. Alfayo H. O. Anyangu
Senior Lecturer
Specialization: Machinery
Email: anyangu@agr.jkuat.ac.ke
Eng. Samuel Njuguna
MA – Makerere University, Uganda.
Specialization: Engineering management, Post harvest engineering and Renewable energy
Email: samuel.njuguna@jkuat.ac.ke
Dr. Joseph Sang

Chair, Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering Department (SWEED)
Senior Lecturer
PhD Geology – Baylor University, Texas, USA
Specialization: Watershed management, Hydrology, Modelling, Reservoir sediment
Email: j.sang@jkuat.ac.ke

Dr. Erick K. Ronoh
PhD –
Specialization: Greenhouse technology, Emerging food processing technologies, Postharvest handling of foods, Renewable energy technology and Design of agricultural structures.
Email: ronoh@jkuat.ac.ke
Dr. Hosea M. Mwangi

MSc – JKUAT, Kenya
Specialization: Hydrology, GIS and Remote sensing, Watershed management
Email: hmwangi@jkuat.ac.ke

Dr. Kipchumba Cherono
MSc – JKUAT, Kenya
Specialization: Processing
Ms. Florence G. Kiburi

MSc – JKUAT, Kenya
Email: florencekiburi@jkuat.ac.ke

Ms. Hannah N Ngugi
Assistant Lecturer.
Specialization: Irrigation and Drainage, Watershed conservation and management, Community extension services.
Email: hngugi@jkuat.ac.ke
Ms. Cecilia W. Muriuki
Assistant Lecturer
BSc – JKUAT, Kenya
Specialization: Environmental management, Waste-water technologies, Hydrology and Watershed management.
Email: ceciliamuriuki@jkuat.ac.ke
Ms. Joan J. Maina
Assistant Lecturer.

Specialization: Agricultural processing, Renewable energy, Climate change mitigation in agriculture.
Email: joanmaina@jkuat.ac.ke

3 thoughts on “Teaching Staff

  1. my department,my home,my fountain of knowledge.Thank you ver much for giving me a chance to be your student.It was an honor to be associated with great minds like you.May God bless you all.

  2. It saddens me that BEED class 2004-2009, does not representation here, not even one student was taken as a teaching assistant, does it mean they were so dull, that is unfair.
    But the list of the teaching staff is great, i miss the jokes from Prof Home & Prof Kaluli……. Amazing team

    • Duncan,
      Thanks for your complements and concern. We would like to emphasize that there are many dynamics that determines the intake of teaching assistant. Definitely, the year 2004 to 2009 had great student some who have advance career. If you were interest kindly keep applying and in touch with the Department in case an opportunity arises.

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