SoBEE has been the leading in innovations and research, and gives opportunities for students to become more innovative and develop new ideas. Innovations in greenhouses, solar driers, coolers, bio-diesel production, and water harvesting, agricultural machinery e.t.c represent some of the departmental works.

Low Cost Drilling Rig
Done in collaboration with Pen state university, the rig provides a cheap affordable way of drilling for water. It also aims at provision of job opportunities for the youth.

Solar dryers
Solar dryers used in agriculture for food and crop drying ,for industrial drying process, dryers can be proved to be most useful device from energy conservation point of view. It not only save energy but also save lot of time, occupying less area, improves quality of the product, make the process more efficient and protects environment also. The introduction of low cost and locally manufactured solar driers offer a promising alternative to reduce tremendous post harvest losses

Charcoal coolers
Designed to provide refrigeration services for products through cooling of temperatures hence extending the life and freshness of the products. It provides an effective solution for areas with no access to electricity services.

In  manufacturing industries SoBEE has been able to produce low cost and effective innovative machinery for post-harvest processes including Nut crackers,Rice Threshers, oil expellels , honey extractors among many others. The department is always developing new ideas to improve processing as well as solving some of the problems faced in the agricultural, processing and manufacturing industries.