Word from Dean SoBEE


Dr. (Eng.) Gareth Kituu, Dean School of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering

Welcome to the School of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering (SoBEE) of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The School, established under the College of Engineering and Technology (COETEC), has the mandate of training, research and innovation in the field of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering, in order to produce leaders and researchers who are globally competitive in this area. The School has two departments, namely, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABED), and Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering (SWEED), in addition to hosting the Water Research and Resource Centre (WARREC). Three undergraduate programmes are on offer, namely, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Technology, both in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Water and Environment Management in the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering. A curriculum for Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering is scheduled to be launched once it is accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya. In the same spirit, the School, in consultation with relevant key stakeholders and regulators, has embarked on the development of other market driven programmes to meet the challenges and needs of the society.

SoBEE is involved in research and development in the fields of Agricultural Power and Machinery, Agricultural Processing, Agricultural Production Structures, Soil and Water Engineering, Environment and Climate Change. Some of the School’s achievements include the recently launched solar-biomass dryer in Kwhisero, Kakamega County, and an evaporative charcoal cooler in Mitooini, Kirinyaga County. The simple ten horsepower tractor, which is currently at evaluation stage, is expected to revolutionize agriculture in the country. Integrated solar tunnel dryers developed in the School are used in drying of a variety of bio-produce including fish, vegetables and fruits.

The research carried out by staff in SoBEE has been published in international peer reviewed high impact journals. In addition, staff in the School have vast experience in consultancies in agricultural machinery and mechanization, agricultural processing and renewable energy, agricultural production and storage structures and facilities, environment and climate change, irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, and related areas. The School will continue to encourage its staff to develop topnotch technologies through research for development of a dynamic world.

Dr. (Eng.) Gareth Kituu
Dean, SoBEE