School of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering

In order to continue championing and providing leadership in the fields of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Chemical engineering, Energy Engineering, and the Environment, the School of Biosystems and Environment was established under the College of Engineering and Technology.  The School has two operational departments, namely, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department and Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering Department.  In addition, the School is expected to launch the Department of Chemical Engineering soon.

The history of the school can be traced back when Jomo Kenyatta University was established as a middle level college offering training at Diploma level.  At the time,  Agricultural Machinery Section was housed under Mechanical Engineering, while at the same time, the diploma in Agricultural Engineering was being offered under the faculty of Agriculture.  Later, the department of Agricultural Engineering was established under the Faculty of Agriculture, in which the diploma in Agricultural Engineering was domiciled.  With the assistance of JICA, the departmental offices, Namely Agricultural Engineering Building, where the School is currently housed were constructed.   The building houses three Agricultural Engineering labs and in addition to staff offices.  Also constructed along with this building were the Agricultural Engineering Workshops.  An EBK accredited curriculum of Agricultural Engineering was Launched in the year 1996.

SoBEE Building

In 2005: In line with changes in the world which saw several universities reviewing their curricular to attract students and include biological and biosystems studies in their Agricultural Engineering undergraduate curricula , the BSc. Agricultural Engineering programme was reviewed into two market driven programmes, namely BSc.  Biomechanical and Processing Engineering and BSc Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering, in the year 2005. The department was also renamed Biomechanical and Environmental Engineering Department.  These programmes attracted huge demand from students, and the market reception of the graduates was overwhelming.

In the year 2013, the curriculum was further reviewed into BSc. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, in line with international trends and market demands.

In 2014, BSc Water and Environmental Management programme was also developed.

In 2015, the School of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering was established, and which the department reverted to the department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department. A new department of Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering was created.  It is expected that a new department of Chemical Engineering will be created soon, in which the senate approved .

In 2016, two programmes were approved in senate, namely BSc. Energy and Environmental Technology and BSc. Chemical Engineering.  While the former has already been launched, the later programme is awaiting  submision to the  government regulator for engineering for accreditation, before it is launched.