Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


The agricultural engineering profession is over a century old having started in Iowa State University in 1905. In Kenya, agricultural engineering was introduced as a degree programme at the University of Nairobi in the 70s’ and in the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in 1981 as a diploma then 1990 as a degree. Over the years, agricultural engineering has been evolving from the traditional design and development of agricultural machinery, to a knowledge-based engineering that integrates engineering knowledge and design with applied biology, environmental and agricultural sciences. The broad areas of study in this profession include: agricultural processing, farm power and machinery, energy resources, soil and water engineering, environmental management and bio-structures. This profession now includes new areas such as controlled environment agriculture, robotics, the development of technology for the extraction of energy from biomass, the development of biomaterials and new systems that can promote sustainable food production.

Currently universities in the world are offering a variety of programmes related to agricultural engineering. Such programs include Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, Biological Systems Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Food Bioprocess Engineering and Bioresources Engineering. Like other universities worldwide, JKUAT has been reviewing its programme in response to technological and market driven developments in the field of agricultural engineering, to benchmark programmes with other universities in the world, and to ensure that graduates can apply modern technologies in agriculture thereby ensuring the realisation of Vision 2030 (and beyond), food security and sustainable economic growth beyond this century. This Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering programme at incorporates units that address sustainable exploitation of our natural resources in agricultural and industrial development. After five years training, the programme aims at producing specialized Engineers combining biological and technical skills to address issues in agro-industrial development and the consequent environmental problems.


Admission Requirements

  1. A candidate wishing to be admitted into the B.Sc. degree programme in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements and College of Engineering and Technology regulations.
  2. In addition to the above, the candidate must have obtained a minimum grade C+ (plus) in each of the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology or Geography OR C+ (plus) in each of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Geography or any of the Group IV subjects at K.C.S.E. or its equivalent.
  3. Alternatively, admission shall be granted to holders of Diploma in Agricultural or Mechanical Engineering or any other relevant course (with Credit and above) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology or from other institutions recognized by the University Senate. Such candidates shall enter the programme at the second year of study unless otherwise specified by the Department.

Course Distribution
Year 1

Year 1

Semester I

HRD 2101  Communication Skills

SCH 2120  Physical and Inorganic Chemistry for Engineers

SMA 2170 Algebra

SMA 2177 Applied Geometry

SMA 2172  Calculus-I

SPH 2173  Physics for Engineers-I

EBE 2101  Introduction to Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

ICS 2174  Introduction to Computer Science



Semester II

HRD 2102  Development Studies and Social Ethics

EMG 2102  Engineering Drawing and Design-I

EMG 2104  Introduction to Material Science

SCH 2121  Organic Chemistry for Engineers

SPH 2174  Physics for Engineers-II

SMA 2173  Calculus-II

AHS 2101  Animal Production

HRD 2103  General Economics


Year 2

Semester I

ICS 2175    Computer Programming-I

EGE 2230  Engineering Surveying

EMG 2105  Engineering Drawing and Design-II

AHS 2131  Crop Production

SMA 2270  Calculus-III

EEE 2235   Electrical Engineering-I

EMG 2203  Engineering Mechanics-Statics

EMG 2106  Workshop Processes and Practice


Semester II

SMA 2271 Ordinary Differential Equations

EMG 2204 Computer Aided Drawing and Design

ICS 2276   Computer Programming-II

SMA 2370 Calculus-IV

EEE 2236  Electrical Engineering-II

EMG 2205  Fluid Mechanics-I

EMG 2206  Engineering Thermodynamics-I

EMG 2207  Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics

EBE 2201   Internal Practical Attachment


Year 3

Semester I

EMG 2301  Fluid Mechanics-II

EMG 2302  Engineering Thermodynamics-II

EMG 2303 Solid and Structural Mechanics-I

EBE 2301  Soil Science

EBE 2302 Introduction to Agricultural and Construction Machinery

STA 2270 Statistics

SMA 2371 Partial Differential Equations

EMG 2208 Mechanics of Machines-I


Semester II

EMG 2304 Mechanics of Machines-II

EMG 2309 Solid and Structural Mechanics-II

EBE 2303 Project Planning and Management

EBE 2304 Hydraulics and Pump Technology

EBE 2305 Design of Machine Elements

EBE 2306 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

EBE 2307 Agricultural Process Engineering

EBE 2308 Engineering Hydrology

EBE 2309 External Attachment I


Unit Code

Semester I

Common Units

EMG 2414  Numerical Methods for Engineers

EBE 2401  Soil Mechanics

EBE 2402  Remote Sensing and GIS

EBE 2403  Engineering Instrumentation

EBE 2404  Engine and Tractor Technology

HRD 2401  Entrepreneurship Skills



EBE 2405  Properties of Biological Materials

EMG 2424  Production Technology



EBE 2406  Applied Environmental Microbiology and Ecology

EBE 2407  Irrigation System Design and Management



Common Units

EBE 2408  Types and Materials for Farm Structures

EBE 2409  Soil and Water Conservation

EBE 2410  Computer Modeling and Simulation

EBE 2411  Engineering Economics

EBE 2412  Structural Design

EBE 2413  Sociology, Extension and Enterprise Management



EMG 2502  Heat Transfer

EBE 2414  Agricultural Field Machinery



EBE 2415  Waste Water Engineering

EBE 2416  Drainage systems Design and Management

EBE 2417  External Practical Attachment-II





Common units

EBE 2501 Systems Engineering

EBE 2502  Environment Impact Assessment and Audit

EBE 2503  Engineering Project-I



EBE 2504  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

EBE 2505  Postharvest Technology of perennial Crops

EBE 2506  Greenhouse Design and Management

EBE 2507  Mechanization Management

EBE 2508  Pollution and Waste Management



ECE 2302  Engineering Geology

EBE 2509  Solid Waste Management

EBE 2510  Watershed and Water Resources Engineering

EBE 2511  Aquacultural Engineering

EBE 2512  Design of Rainwater Harvesting Systems


Semester II

Common Units

EBE 2513  Engineers in Society

EBE 2514  Industrial Management and Safety

EBE 2515  Engineering Project-II



EBE 2516  Design and Management of Farm Structures

EBE 2517  Postharvest Technology of Perishable Crops

EBE 2518  Energy Resources Engineering

AFS 2431  Food Microbiology and Toxicology



EBE 2519  Land Use Planning and Reclamation

EBE 2520  Design and Construction of Hydraulic Structures

EBE 2521  Atmospheric Pollution and Radiation Control

EBE 2522  Design of Soil and Water Conservation Structures