Law, Science and Technology Department

Dr. Dennis Ndambo

Message From the Chair, Law Science & Technology

There is an inevitable intersection between law, science and technology. The School of Law, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) appreciates the extreme need for lawyers and researchers who are knowledgeable in the legal aspects of scientific and technological processes in Kenya and Africa at large, and it is on that basis that the Department of Law, Science and Technology was established.

As Kenya and Africa continue to progress technologically, there is a severe need for legal practitioners and researchers who can provide timely, innovative, quality and competitive legal and policy solutions.  It is on the basis of that realization that the School of Law,
JKUAT, identified law, science and technology as its niche in legal training and research, in addition to teaching students other general law courses such as contract law, constitutional law, public international law, property law, commercial law and law of torts. Courses taught in the Law, Science and Technology Department include intellectual property law; information and communication technology law; law, science and ethics; health and medical law; biotechnology and biosafety law; air and space law; environmental law; physical planning and construction law; agricultural law; and natural resources and mining law.

Through the Department, the School of Law is able to harness teaching and research resources, and foster training, in the area of the interface between law, science and technology.  The School of Law is at the forefront in training law students and establishing a resource base that will provide innovative and competitive solutions to a myriad of complex legal issues in scientific and technological processes in Kenya and Africa.

The Department welcomes collaborations with other public and private institutions and organisations engaged in training and research in law, science and technology issues that are relevant to Kenya and Africa.

Faculty Members

Ms. Hannah Wamuyu
Ms. Lydia Muthoni
Ms. Rael Asiemo
Mr. Georgiadis Khaseke


Code Title
LSC 2106 Legal Research and Writing
ICS 2110 Information Technology
LSC 2205 Property Theory
LSC 2210 Land Law and Conveyancing
LSC 2214 Law Science and Ethics
LSC 2301 Jurisprudence
LSC 2305 Intellectual Property Law
LSC 2306 Health and Medical Law
LSC 2315 Environmental Law
LSC 2316 Information and Communication Technology Law
LSC 2317 Physical Planning and Construction Law
LSC 2318 Biotechnology and Biosafety Law
LSC 2319 Legal Clinic
LSC 2323 Air and Space Law
LSC 2402 Research Paper I
LSC 2403 Natural Resources and Mining Law
LSC 2404 Research Paper II
LSC 2405 Agricultural Law