International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB)

ICGEB was established in 1987. It is an international, intergovernmental organization conceived as a Centre of excellence for research and training with special emphasis on the needs of the developing world. It runs 46 state-of-the-art laboratories, in Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa and forms an interactive network with over 65 Member States.
The Centre conducts innovative research in life sciences and strengthens the research capability of over 63 Member States through training, funding programmes and advisory services
It plays a key role in Biotechnology worldwide for excellence in Research, Training and Technology Transfer to industry.

The centre;
 provides fellowships
 organizes meetings
 provides research grants
 enhances technology transfer

The main areas of research of ICGEB are as follows:
 Plant Biotechnology (Biofuels, industrial biotech, crop improvement, biotic and abiotic stress)
 Virology
 Cardiovascular diseases
 Immunology
 Molecular genetics
 Neurobiology
 Cancer

ICGEB laboratories: In Trieste, New Delhi, and Cape Town. The ICGB laboratories offer a scientific environment of the highest international standard and are equipped to carry out the most advanced experimental research in molecular and cellular biology.

 In Trieste: Pursues biomedical research including projects on cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases, immunology and human genetics, and the development of new treatments based on gene and stem cell therapy and the production of biopharmaceuticals.

 In New Delhi: Conduct research in mammalian and plant biology, focusing on the development of diagnostic and vaccine candidates for malaria, hepatitis and dengue, along with advanced research on plant biotechnology and bio fuels.

 In Cape Town: investigate infectious (HIV/AIDS and malaria) and non-communicable diseases (cancer).

Use of Lab: Request to use lab in Italy can be sent to Dr Lawrence Banks,

ICGEB GRANTS: Funding opportunities are made available through the Collaborative
Research Programme (CRP) – ICGEB Research Grants, which is a dedicated source of funding
aimed at financing projects addressing original scientific problems of particular relevance for the
host country and of regional interest.

Deadline: For submission by e-mail of the completed application form (as a pdf file) to the ICGEB Liaison Officer for endorsement, with a copy also sent to ICGEB, is 30 April.

Funding amounts: maximum annual contribution from ICGEB is Euro 25,000.
For more information visit,

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