Schools New Deans: Prof. Mberia and Dr. Mutisya

Prof. Mberia (right) puts pen to paper as she accepts her deanship. Looking on is Dr. Muoria

Prof. Hellen Mberia and Dr. Mutisya Kyalo have been declared Deans following the uncontested elections for the Schools of Communication and Development Studies; and Nursing respectively.

In her acceptance speech, Prof Mberia expressed her excitement at retaining office for the second term. She thanked her colleagues for their support and for creating a strong relationship with her.

“I have managed to break the barriers of communication between the school’s non-teaching and teaching staff. This would not have been possible without your willingness to see to it that we work together and create a bond even outside work. Thank you for your dedication,” averred Prof Mberia.

Prof. Mberia was happy with the strides she had made during her previous tenure. She noted that the School has managed to partner and collaborate with the industry, research institutions and professional bodies in an attempt to better the services offered by the school.

“I intend to enhance these collaborations and partnerships which have been instrumental in providing the students with scholarships and internship opportunities,” said Prof. Mberia.

Further priorities that she aspires to work on include; improving online presence of the School; creating alumni networks that will allow students to engage and get exposed to real work experience; identifying and attracting funding opportunities to allow successful research; and starting life skill programs with the help of Dean of Students and JKUAT hospital.

Dr. Makworo gifts Dr. Kyalo tools of trade for diarizing his schedules

In the School of Nursing, Dr. Kyalo takes over from Dr. Drusilla Makworo who has served as Dean since April 2015 and will now head the four departments under the school of nursing.

Speaking during the ceremony, Dr. Kyalo, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Makworo for her dedication in the stewardship of the school since its inception in 2011.

“I wish to thank all staff from the school for supporting my candidature for this position and especially Dr. Makworo’s mentorship. I am elated to join the league of deanship and I look forward to continuing with the team spirit we have as a school. I am certain that everything we plan to do will be possible,” said Dr. Kyalo.

The outgoing dean, Dr. Makworo congratulated Dr. Kyalo for taking the mantle, reminiscing her journey and achievements while at the helm.  She also celebrated the 185 graduands the school has produced over the last 10 years.

Dr. Makworo tasked the incoming dean, Dr. Kyalo with what he is expected to do as he commences his role. She also commemorated her predecessor, the late Prof. Peter Mwaniki, for the spirit of oneness he instilled in them.

The Registrar, Academic Affairs, Dr. Esther Muoria congratulated both Prof. Mberia and Dr. Mutisya and urged them to network with other schools and steer the schools to greater heights.  She assured the deans of the Divisions support throughout their tenure.

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