School of Nursing Welcomes First Year Students

Dr. Mutisya addresses First Year Nursing students during the orientation.

The School of Nursing in the College of Health Sciences, welcomed over 40 first year students on Friday, September 10, 2021.

The orientation exercise was intended to help the new students have a clear understanding of operations and administrative processes in the School including the available teaching and learning facilities as well as interacting with the School administrators and faculty.

Speaking during the event, JKUAT Counselor, Mr. Joseph Mwangi urged the students to be proactive, keep themselves busy and give social vices such as alcoholism and drug abuse, a wide berth, noting, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

With young people being soft targets for drug peddlers as well as old, rich men and women, he pointed out the need for the youth to be cautious, further explaining that their future depends on the choices they will make as students.

“You are now in a new environment where freedom is limitless. How you choose to use this freedom will impact your future positively or negatively,” Mr. Mwangi asserted.

Welcoming the new students, Dean, School of Nursing, Dr. Albanus Mutisya said, the new students were a privileged lot to have such an opportunity, further emphasizing the need for the new crop of students to work hard.

Exuding confidence, Dr. Mutisya said the University strives to produce skilled individuals in all areas especially in the Nursing profession which has assumed new significance particularly during this unprecedented era of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Nursing is a noble career. Here in JKUAT you will gain skills that will be crucial in hospitals, Non Governmental Organizations, among others sectors. Know that you have made the best choice in coming to JKUAT,” said the Dean.

A section of  Nursing students follow proceedings at the event.

He urged the students to heed the advice given to them and follow the guidelines and procedures put in place to ensure they have a fulfilling learning experience at JKUAT.  “Learning is what you hear, what you do, minus what you forget,” Dr. Mutisya stated.

A first year Nursing student, Ms. Wendy Nekesa, said, she was happy to be part of the University fraternity and hopes to gain useful skills that will help her transition into the job market. She noted that she made the right decision to join JKUAT and she can’t wait to start her lectures.

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