School of Nursing Holds Mentorship and Fun Day

Dr. Drusila Makworo addressing the students during the mentorship.

Jomo Kenyatta University Students Nursing Association (JKUSNA) in collaboration with the School of Nursing, held a mentorship forum for nursing students on 12th October, 2023.

The forum was meant to ensure first-year students access their senior colleagues and lecturers who could act as guides as they find their space on what the nursing journey is all about. This was also to identify people who they could talk to when need arises to avoid keeping to themselves.

Chair of Department Midwifery, Ms. Carol Nyariki revealed to students the beauty of nursing, noting that the nursing profession is diverse and there are a lot of opportunities where they can fit in. All they need to understand is what their heart wants and specialize in it. She also urged the students to strive to make things different.

“Have the desire to become a change maker, do whatever comes your way to your level best. Check your attitude, find what you have interest in and excel in it,” said Ms. Nyariki.

Her words were also echoed by the Dean, School of Nursing, Dr. Albanus Mutisya when he emphasized the need to create their own pathway by knowing their areas of interest and putting in some effort.

Paediatric Nurse Specialist, Dr. Drusilla Makworo told the students to have the right attitude and be vigilant in their profession since it will impact on their career progression.

A group of students taking part in tag of war as their colleagues cheer them up.

“Be confident and proud as you say who you are. Don’t be timid but be outgoing, let whatever you do be felt and seen. Don’t just do what others are doing. Make sure you leave an impact. Be active by taking part in activities, interact with people so as to form networks,” urged Dr. Makworo.

The nursing students were also urged to write their expectations on the mentorship session which would act as a guide to their leaders and lecturers on how to run the program to meet the students’ needs.

Meanwhile, Nursing School also organized a Fun Day on October 13, 2023 as a continuation of the mentorship program, to help create rapport between students and their lecturers and to nurture all-around students.

The Patron of JKUSNA, Mr. Peter Monda, said, the Fun day was also a way of helping students relax from the tight regular academic program, and enable them to interact among themselves. The Patron thanked his colleagues for showing up to help in supporting the students of nursing.

During the Fun Day, students participated in various activities including, football and tag of war which underscored the place of teamwork and good coordination, among other positive skills and attributes.

A group photo of the nursing students together with their lecturers.

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