School of Biological Sciences Holds Team Building Exercise

Tug of War

As the adage goes, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy, staff members of the School of Biological Sciences undertook a team building exercise, December 15, 2017 to unwind from the year’s workload. The exercise based on how to effectively communicate with fellow colleagues at the workplace saw more than 25 staff members take part in the team building.

The team led by the Dean, Dr. Shadrack Muya, took part in bonding and fun activities such as picture speak, tug of war, egg-spoon relay and trivia games in a bid to foster effective communication and strengthen the bond among the staff.

Speaking at the end of the team building exercise, Dr. Muya acknowledged that he leads a dynamic school and hoped the exercise would enhance the confidence of the staff in the School and enhance productivity.

“When employees know each other in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, problem solving skills are enhanced and productivity increased,” averred Dr. Muya.

Staff pose for a group photo after the exercise

The Dean said he would like the exercise to be a permanent feature in the School’s calendar adding that “when colleagues work together to complete a task, they learn to rely on and trust one another,” hence building morale and trust amongst themselves.

The School of Biological Sciences is one of the four Schools domiciled in the College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS). It has two Departments; Department of Zoology and Department of Botany and is dedicated to the study of live sciences where the lecturers and students explore fundamental questions about organisms and their environment.

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