Researchers Tipped on Developing Quality Research Articles

Prof. Waweru

The Chief Editor, Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology (JAGST), Prof. Waweru Mwangi, has urged researchers wishing to publish their research papers in reputable journals to check for proper indexing of the journals before submitting their research papers.

Prof. Waweru, an Associate Professor at the JKUAT School of Computing and Information Technology, sounded the alarm regarding predatory publishing which he noted is on the rise and that researchers will be exploited for publishing fees without quality checks, legitimacy, publishing and editorial services that other legitimate academic journals provide.

Prior to submitting articles to journals for publication, Prof. Waweru emphasized the importance of legitimacy. “Submitted articles must comply with internationally accepted standards for research practice and reporting, including data management, reproducibility, and reporting guidelines,” he stated.

The JAGST Chief Editor was making a presentation during a webinar organized by Directorate of Research and Innovations, Wednesday, June 23, 2021, where he highlighted a wide range of topics including, guidelines for presentation of articles for publishing, publication ethics, features of a high-quality article for publication and preparation of manuscripts for publication.

Prof. Waweru advised researchers to declare their sources of funding in their research papers noting, it acknowledges the funders contribution which fulfills funding requirements and promotes greater transparency in the research process.

On data availability, Prof. Waweru reiterated that credible journals require authors to make all research data publicly available, without restrictions at the time of publication.

He added that when specific legal or ethical restrictions prohibit public sharing of a data set, researchers must indicate how others may obtain access to such data.

As part of the effort towards complementing the University’s aspiration to become a leading research institution, Prof. Waweru stated that “JAGST serves as an important tool in the University’s Research, Production and Extension Division’s mandate to facilitate the dissemination of research findings.”

The Director of Research and Innovations, Dr. John Kinyuru, was present during the webinar among other researchers.

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