Regional CISCO Academy

Internet and education create enormous opportunities for people and countries that can effectively harness the power of information and knowledge. The lack of Internet-supported education and the shortage of technology-savvy workers challenges countries around the world, threatening to place nations that fall behind at a permanent disadvantage in the global economy. These countries now have the opportunity to accelerate development by embracing information technology

The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a comprehensive e-learning program that provides students with the Internet technology skills essential in a global economy. The Networking Academy delivers rich web-based content, online assessment, student performance tracking, hands-on labs, instructor training and support, and preparation for industry standard certifications.

The Cisco Networking Academy curriculum is developed by experts in both the education and networking realms. Teaching basic to advanced Internet technology skills, the Cisco Networking Academy Program prepares students for industry-standard certifications including CompTIA A+ certifications, Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA), CCNA Security, and Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP).

JKUAT is a Cisco Regional Academy. It has several local academies attached to it. These are;

2.    Multimedia University College
3.    Kenyatta University
4.    Kimathi University College
5.    Maseno University
6.    Mombasa Polytechnic University college
7.    Strathmore University
8.    Moi University

Becoming a Cisco Academy

Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations around the world deliver Networking Academy courses to help improve local career opportunities. The courses cover a range of topics from basic network design and theory to network security and advanced troubleshooting tools. 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration are integrated into the curricula to help students succeed in their careers.

The following institutions are eligible to participate in the Cisco Networking Academy Program:

•    Organization with not-for-profit status
•    Universities
•    Community colleges
•    High schools

Benefits of Becoming a Cisco Networking Academy

Educational institutions are able to gain access and deliver a program that:
1.    Is designed by industry and education experts. It is ready-made and continuously updated on-line.
2.    Comes with a Quality Assurance Plan
3.    Utilize the latest web tools
4.    Has full technical support and on-line instructors’ guide
5.    Uses a specially–designed management tool which reduces administration time and increases productivity
6.    Conducts assessment on-line/provides immediate feedback that monitors students’ progress
7.    Offer discounts on certification exams to students and Instructor
8.    Receive support and quality Instructor training from JKUAT Regional Academy

Students gain access to:

•    multi-media web-based delivery that supports student-centered learning
•    hands-on training that develops problem solving skills
•    globally recognised industry-standard certification
•    an international passport to a well-paid career
•    Receive discounts on certification exams

Businesses can choose from a large pool of skilled networking graduates

•    With practical experience
•    Who have undergone laboratory sessions designed with problem solving skills
•    Who need no further training
•    Who are industry certified

Governments and societies gain access to a national pool of skilled IT manpower that:

•    Reduces the need for foreign labour
•    Boosts the growth of economies
•    Attracts foreign investment
•    Enhances e-learning and networking development at little or no cost
•    Bridges the digital divide from country to country, rural to urban, young and old, and regardless of gender