Ranking Criteria

The University functional unit (departments) websites are ranked quarterly. The ranking entails evaluation on key indicators:

1.    Accessibility. The key points for this indicator include; structure and organization, links to other important sites, link to the University Learning Management System, links to University online systems and links to University online services.

2.    Comprehensiveness and contact information. The key point for this indicator include; availability of departmental contact information, staff contacts information ( all departmental staff to use University email addresses), departmental documents, programmes (courses) information or the mandate of the department for service departments. The information displayed on the web pages should be current and accurate.

3.    Peer review. In this indicator, the popularity of the website is evaluated based on social insight, what others are saying about the department (alumni, current students, parents, visitors), links to departmental websites and the size of the website – number of web pages, the number of visit to any of the pages of the departmental website.

4.    Unique selling point. In this indicator the evaluation is based on departmental publications, departmental Journals, undergraduate project abstracts, postgraduate thesis abstracts, and staff CVs on departmental website.

5.    Insight. This is indicator is evaluated on availability of information about life on campus (departmental academic advisory, student experience – current and past), availability of information for prospective and current students, departmental activities and updates, general information about the departments (history, goals, objectives, mission and mission), and information on student clubs and societies.

6.    Use of emerging technologies. This indicator focuses on the use of social media – facebook , twitter, YouTube and Flicker.