R & D and Technology Transfer

Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC), Nairobi
  • Agriculture faculty
  • IBR
2006/2011 Areas: Commercialization of Research and Development activities, Joint Development Research projects.    DEAD
Athi River Mining Company, Nairobi
  • Civil Engineering (SMARTEC)
2004/2009 Areas: Research and Outreach activities
Athi River Services Board, Nairobi
2009 Areas: Project being planned.

Project Management/Staff and student exchange/Research, Innovation and Development.

Achievements: JMC appointed. JKUAT completed Environment and Satisfaction Survey project.

Central Artificial Insemination and Kenya Dairy Processors Association
  • R.P.E (Production)
2005/2013 Areas: Dairy farming project in central Kenya funded by Kilimo Trust for Ksh. 5.6M

Achievements: Dairy value chain study mapping  completed and report submitted  to donor; Proposal on improvement of dairy farming in Central Kenya approved by Kilimo for Ksh. 30M

Ecotact, Nairobi
  • IEET
2010/2015 Areas: Project Management, Staff and Student exchange, Research, Innovation and Development

Achievements:  Project on making fertilizer using human Urine ongoing:

International Centre for Research (ICRAF), Nairobi
  • Botany
  • BEED
  • Gegis
  • Civil, construction & Environment Eng
2009/2014 Areas: Capacity Building/Sharing of equipment and other facilities

Achievements: PRESA project. In 2009, 4 postgraduate students and 2 BSc. students were involved.  Student attachments

MSc students projects. Two projects on payment for Ecosystem services were completed.

JKUAT members of ANAFE, Joint Botanical garden project being initiated, Joint capacity building project for secondary school teachers on conservation of indigenous flora conducted in 2006,Joint research project.

Karen Hospital, Nairobi
  • Director ITROMID
2007/2012 Areas: Research and Development- Student attachment.
Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), Nairobi
  • Zoology
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Horticulture
  • Mechanical


2008/2013 Areas: Research & Technology transfer, Sharing of equipment and other facilities Capacity building, staff exchange, Research funding, Patent and Co-authorship, Research and Development

Achievements: Research, Supervision——- 4 Master’s, 1 PhD.

Kenya Bureau of Standards, Nairobi
  • RPE
2005/2010 Areas: Training of KEBS clients by JKUAT on ISO 9000 QMS/R&D/ promotions

Achievements: Institutions Trained- WRMA, CCT. MCT. CCM, KUCT, MoP, MoPA; Institutions assisted in documentation – WRMA, CCT

Kenya Forestly Research Institute, Nairobi
  • BEED
  • Botany


2008/2013 Areas: PhD student of KEFRI registered at BEED. PhD Research project on Development of improved wood saving machine.

Research & Technology transfer, Sharing of Equipment and other facilities, Capacity building, Staff exchange, patent and co-authorship

Kenya Institute of Survey and Mapping, Nairobi
2001 Areas: Staff exchange, Student attachment, Capacity building, Equipment sharing, research and Technology transfer

Achievements: Joint research in monitoring Kenya rift valley using GPS, Student attachment, WIH GEGIS Department.

Kenya Marinetime Authority, Mombasa
  • Mechanical Engineering
2009/2014 Areas: Develop National curriculum for Bachelor of Science Nautical Science/Bachelor of Science Marine Engineering/Project management/Staff and Student exchange/Research, Innovation and Development.

Achievements: Curriculum in B.Sc. ME Developed. JKUAT staff facilitated to visit to China and Europe. IMO Staff visit to JKUAT; Curriculum in BSc Nautical Science being developed.

Kenya National Farmers and Producers Association
  • IEET
  • RPE
2010/2015 Areas: Staff and Student exchange; Training programmes, Joint research projects, Extension projects

Achievements: JKUAT member of national biogas implementation steering committee, Farmer Voice Radio project (KBC/FV of America) which started in Jan. 2010 with 18 students attached in 8 districts in Central, Rift, Eastern and Western provinces; 2nd batch of students to be attached in May; launch of district FVR committees and launching of 2 technology demo sites in Juja also to be in may 2010.

Kenya Red Cross Socitey, Nairobi
2011/2015 Areas: Project Management, Staff and Students  exchange, Research, Innovation and Development

Achievements: No activity started

Kenya Wildlife Service, Nairobi
  • IBR
  • Botany
2011/2015 Areas: Project Management, Staff and Student  exchange, Research, Innovation and Development

Achievements: . JMC appointed. Held first meeting. 2. Development of micro-satellite DNA markers for application in wildlife forensic analysis for conservation project under discussion

Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute, Tanzania
2007/2012 Areas: Joint agricultural research project
Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, Nairobi
  • IEET
2009/2014 Areas: Research project on Biogas and Conservation activities.
Ministry of Medical Srvices, Nairobi
2010/2015 Areas: Student/ Staff exchange and attachment.
Nissin Food Products, Japan
  • Food Science and Technology
2008/2010 Areas: R & D; Production of instant noodles; Capacity building.

Achievements: Test Noodles production April 2009 – Dec. 2009 distributed noodles to 21  needy schools/children homes and Thika area ones every week;  Joint project to manufacture noodles for the Kenyan market is being formulated by a joint Nissin company and JKUAT staff. Report to be ready by Feb. 2011 (1st phase ended)

Postal Corporation of Kenya, Nairobi
  • Nairobi CBD Campus
2007/2012 Areas: Capacity building, Student attachment program.
Safaricom, Nairobi
  • Engineering faculty
2008/2013 Areas: Capacity building, Student career promotion, Student attachment, Joint R&D activities, Curriculum development.

Achievements: Curriculum for ITC department developed jointly and implemented, Students attachment annually, jointly revised the Telecommunication and Information Engineering (TIE) curriculum.

Sunripe/British Council, Nairobi
  • Horticulture
2009/2014 Areas/ Achievements: Joint research project on carbon foot print in horticultural produce.is on going with Horticulture Dept
Wuhan Botanical Gardens, China – Botany

– Horticulture

– Farm

2009/2014 Areas: Staff/student exchange; Research, Innovation and Technology development

Achievements: Visits by delegation from China Jan 2010, May 2010 and signed project MoA and August 2010; Visit to China by JKUAT staff in October 2010;  Joint research project on biodiversity funded by CAS being undertaken in Kenya. Next visit by scientist scheduled for Jan. 2011;  CAS to fund training in molecular  biology techniques for over 10 JKUAT staff and other E. Africans in April 2011; CAS to assist in redesigning the JKUAT farm and support research in pomology.

National Metrological Laboratory, India (NML India) – School of Engineering


2010/2016 Areas: Mining and Mineral science.

Achievements: JKUAT staff visited NML 2007 and other staff  were trained in a mining short course in 2007.

Detche Sammlung Von Microorganismen BOTANY 2010/2012 Ares:

R&D on biodiversity of microbe and capacity building.

KBC and KARI -Extension 2011/2015 Areas:

Identification and selection of possible technologies for purpose of recording on video for broad casting, financing production, distribution and transmission of ‘Mukulima’ by meeting its production costs or offering service, forming a common production and management team to ensure effective implementation of the project.

Lapperantta University of Technology, Finland         – BEED   Areas:

Achievements: Student exchange, Short course at JKUAT, One short course held in 2009 on wastewater technologies.

3 MSc students spent a month at LUT in 2009/2010