Professor Emeritus, Surindar Uppal Donates Books to SMPS

Prof. Robert Kinyua (second right) receives books donated by Prof. Uppal (center) on behalf of the University.

Professor Emeritus, Surindar Uppal donated books amounting Ksh. 500,000 to students and faculty in the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (SMPS) at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

While making the donation, Prof. Uppal explained that the gesture was a way of ensuring he passes on the knowledge and skills he has gained over the years to the students and faculty.

Prof. Uppal’s book donation is an effort towards giving back to the Jomo Kenyatta of Agriculture and Technology community, having worked at JKUAT for many years before retiring from the University service in December 2020, and later awarded the emeritus professor honorary title for his distinguished contribution to academic research and extensive philanthropy.

“We set aside 600,000 per year as a family donation to help students from less privileged backgrounds acquire quality education. We aim to assist brilliant students who lack the funds to acquire education. We have helped students from different countries and hoping to continue impacting the lives of more people,” explained Prof. Uppal.

He made the donation during a consultative meeting organized by SMPS for faculty members drawn from all the departments in the school on July 27, 2023.

The objective of the meeting was to give an opportunity to staff members to interact and know each other across the departments and to share and exchange ideas as well as identifying the challenges in their various departments and suggesting possible solutions.

Dr. Calvine Ominde, a member of the Physics Department noted that “We would like to use this forum to advocate for better utilization of the available resources in order to achieve optimum output,”

On his part, Prof Anthony Waititu, Dean, SMPS, stressed the need to highlight issues so as to improve the quality of service delivery.

“We should come up with innovative ways of dealing with the challenges raised. Let us also focus on producing quality students who will in turn boost the school’s reputation especially in the job market,” emphasized Prof. Robert Kinyua, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs.

The Principal, College of Pure and Applied Science, Prof. Thuku Thiong’o, urged the faculty to focus on coming up with a practical skill oriented curriculum which will ensure that they are ready for the uptake of competency based curriculum.

SMPS Faculty Members

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