Prof. Sakwa to Lead School of Communications and Development Studies

Dr. Wanyama (Left) congratulates Prof. Sakwa (center) as Dr. George Gatero bears witness

Prof Maurice Sakwa was elected unopposed to lead the School of Communications and Development Studies as Dean for two years. Prof. Sakwa’s victory was affirmed on September 14, 2023.

Registrar Academic Affairs Dr. Aggrey Wanyama, declared Prof. Sakwa’s victory and commended him on the achievement.

“Having met the stipulated requirements for this election, I would like to declare that Prof. Sakwa has won the elections fairly and legally,” Dr. Wanyama declared.

In his acceptance speech, Prof. Sakwa expressed his gratitude to his colleagues for having bestowed upon him the opportunity to lead the school.

“I am grateful for the confidence shown by my colleagues in electing me into this position. I purpose to lead the school in achieving greater heights and academic excellence. Having worked with you as the acting dean, I look forward to your continued support,” Prof. Sakwa remarked.

He also emphasized his commitment in promoting cohesion among the staff and within the school’s efficient systems for success.

Prof. Sakwa highlighted that the School of Communications and Development is working toward a blended mode of learning to ensure that their students get both virtual and physical learning. He explained that the approach would allow the students to have more interactive physical sessions with the faculty as they have access to the course materials prior to the classes. This move would also ensure that the students are not left behind in this era of technology and innovation. He plans to foster an interactive, respectful and conducive environment that will increase the productivity of the school.

His colleagues also expressed their readiness to work hand in hand with Prof. Sakwa for the good of the school. They also acknowledged the good work that he had put in as the acting dean and urged him to continue in the same spirit.

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