Prof. Oloko Delivers a Talk on Foundational Factors of Leadership

Prof. Oloko makes her remarks

When you mention a leader, it paints a picture of an individual with responsibility to serve and impact others by inspiring them towards the right course of action as well stimulate them to exploit their best potential. We are all leaders one way or the other, however, leadership is more than just a title as it requires greater sacrifice in putting other peoples’ needs before your own. 

According to Prof. Margaret Oloko of the Department of Business Administration, College of Human Resource Development, a leader is someone who standouts not necessarily for their exploits, but by doing what resonates with their values, morals, which in turn positively impact their surrounding making those around them feel and look better. 

“As a leader don’t be what you are not. This is important in protecting your wellbeing and your stature as a true leader,” Prof. Oloko said, during her talk on: Foundational Factors of Leadership,” held at JKUAT Main Campus, on July 6, 2022.

Leadership, she further explained, is based on four pillars namely; Authenticity, being a creator, a mission builder and having high integrity values. 

These pillars, Prof. Oloko, noted, are important in enhancing their intellectual thinking thus enabling the individual find new ways to move their objectives forward.

Of the four pillars, Prof. Oloko affirmed, integrity is the most dominant as it creates workability and develops trust in a leader which is an integral part in making their policies and vision attractive to the masses.

With the world being volatile, uncertain and complex, Prof. Oloko stated that there is need for leaders to have wide range of skillset and capabilities in strategic problem solving to cope with the demands at hand. 

Kelvin Keter, a Third Year Computer Technology student poses a question to Prof. Oloko during the question and answer session

“As a leader the society has set specific expectations and standards that the individual needs to live up to. There is no way around it,” Prof. Oloko observed.

In her call to the participants, Prof. Oloko encouraged them to enroll in a leadership skills course as it will shape their thinking and decision making in their day-to-day activities. 

She said being a leader takes time and sacrifice and one has to go out of their way if they want to be strong established leader.

“These leadership skills are an important facet to any aspiring leader as it gives them a wider perspective on the demands of being a leader,” she stated. 

Prof. Margaret Oloko holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, a Master of Business Administration and a PhD in Business Administration, both from the University of Nairobi. 

She has about twenty years of academic and research experience and possesses demonstrable leadership skills, an accomplished scholar with over 90 publications to her credit in peer reviewed journals. 

Prof. Oloko, a full member of the Marketing Society of Kenya and the Kenya Institute of Management, has undertaken extensive leadership course, being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership.  

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