Prof. Ngumi Urges Parents not to Delegate their Responsibilities

Prof. Ngumi makes her remarks during the ceremony

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Victoria Wambui Ngumi has urged parents to take keen interest in their children’s educational development by working closely with teachers as their children transit to other phases in their academic life. This, she said, can be done through monitoring and participating in their children’s educational and personal activities.

This move, Prof Ngumi pointed out, will impart knowledge and nurture skills and attitudes that will enable a smooth transition into the Competency Based Curricula (CBC), a system of education that is key in unlocking and unleashing full potential in each and every learner.

Prof. Ngumi discouraged parents who leave their parental responsibilities to house helps saying, Competency Based Curricula will only succeed through committed parental involvement.

Prof. Ngumi presents an award to one of the top students in the graduating class

“A parent should be a critical part of a child’s growth and should always monitor how their child is performing in school by guiding them through homework. I discourage the behavior of handing over the parental responsibilities to house helps,” said Prof. Ngumi.

The Vice Chancellor urged parents to stay alert and avoid overexposing children to bad habits such as violence, smoking and unmonitored use of mobile phones and other gadgets that might increase their dependency and stagnate their creativity. She warned that people who fight in the presence of children, may affect the child’s behavior or make them vulnerable to abuses.

Prof. Ngumi (right) acknowledges a piece of art presented to her by  the chair-lady, ACK St. James Buruburu Schools Board, Dr. Teresia Kazungu

“Our role towards our children’s behavior cannot go unnoticed. Be informed that how our children relate with other people in society depends to a large extent, on how we bring them up.  Some parents for instance, smoke in the presence of their children, while others send them to buy cigarettes.  Chances of these children beginning to smoke at very tender ages is high,” said Prof. Ngumi.

While lauding the teachers for their committed involvement in the early child’s development, Prof. Ngumi encouraged both teachers and parents to practice the rightful disciplinary measures stating that harsh disciplinary measure will impact negatively on a child pushing them to rebellion.

Prof. Ngumi officiates the cutting of the cake to mark the ceremony

Prof. Ngumi urged parents to master the art of good parenting and adhere to biblical principles of parenting, while highlighting the role of the church in a child’s spiritual growth.

She made the remarks when she addressed parents at the ACK St. James Buruburu School where she was the chief guest during the School’s graduation ceremony, Friday, November 1, 2019.

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