Prof. Ngumi Makes Her Inaugural Address to First Years

Prof. Ngumi interacts with the students after her address

For university students to excel in the enterprise of academic excellence, they have to invest in long hours of lectures and laboratory sessions in campus. This was the message by Vice Chancellor Prof Victoria Ngumi, in her inaugural address to the first year students, Friday August 31, 2018. The first years reported to the University, Monday, August 27, 2018 to commence their studies in various academic disciplines.

Prof Ngumi made a passionate appeal to the new students, urging them to embrace long life and tested values of Integrity, Transparency, Quality, and Professionalism; ideals she said that were also part of JKUAT core values.

The Vice Chancellor praised the youngsters for their choice to study in JKUAT as their preferred institution saying, the University did not take the choice for granted in a country with a total of over 60 Universities, 31 of them public universities.

“You have joined an institution that strongly value the scientific method aimed at inspiring our students to venture early into the enterprise of added value research,” assured Prof. Ngumi.

Prof. Ngumi makes her remarks

On the popularity of JKUAT as a desired academic destination, Prof. Ngumi attributed it to the practical and industry oriented training offered at the University as well as the rich network of local and international organizations and experts. While highlighting the popularity of the University, she said the BSc. Electrical Engineering, attracted over 2,389 applicants, against a capacity of 59; the highest in Kenyan universities.

She also informed the students that by joining JKUAT they automatically become JKUAT ambassadors and should remember their cardinal role to propel JKUAT’s Vision; a University of global excellence in training, research and innovation for development.

Giving motherly advice to the young adults, Prof. Ngumi advised them to avoid dangerous anti-social excesses like alcohol consumption and drug abuse that has plagued the youth in the country.

“I would like to inform you that with freedom comes responsibility. You have reached a stage in your life where you must rely on your own wisdom and inner strengths to guide you in navigating life and its pitfalls,” counselled Prof. Ngumi.

With the pestilence of HIV/AIDS, the Vice Chancellor urged the student to avoid engaging in casual sex and frequently make use of the Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services to arm themselves with information on HIV/AIDS.

First year student, Lucky Mutinda asks a question after the VC’s address

Prof Ngumi as well used the occasion to caution university students to promote nationalism as a way of reducing ethnicity in the country.  “For the years you spend in JKUAT, I wish to make it absolutely clear that there is no room for tribalism, sexism or any other kind of chauvinistic behavior. At this prestigious institution everyone is treated equally and equitably. Your tribe, gender, previous school, religion, political affiliations, status and wealth of your parents confer on you no special rights or privileges,” reiterated Prof. Ngumi.

Prof. Ngumi’s inaugural address as Vice Chancellor to first year students marked the culmination of the orientation week and was attended by Deputy Vice Chancellors, College Principals, Deans of Schools, and Chairmen of Departments among others.

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