Prof. Muigai Shares Insights at JKUSOB Workshop

Prof. Anne Muigai gives her remarks

Jomo Kenyatta University Society of Biologists (JKUSOB) hosted Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research at the National Defence University-Kenya (NDU-K), Prof. Anne Muigai, as the Guest Speaker for their intergenerational bioscience workshop on February 2, 2024.

The workshop, a convergence of academia, industry leaders, and aspiring young minds, was held under the overarching theme of mentorship, networking in the scientific journey, bridging academia and industry through research, and shaping a new crop of scientists.

Prof. Muigai, a luminary in Molecular Population Genetics, seized the opportunity to share insights from her illustrious career and her fervor for science. She implored the students to grasp every opportunity within their reach and wield it as a tool to address the pressing challenges afflicting the communities.

“As scientists, you need to contemplate the solutions you offer and the societal impact they carry. This is how we ensure a seat at the table where decisions shape our collective future,” asserted Prof. Muigai.

Underscoring the importance of vision and mentorship, she urged the students to identify mentors across diverse spectra of life and cultivate robust networks.

Students keenly following proceedings during the workshop

“Success demands unwavering determination. Adhere to these principles, and you shall proudly assume the mantle of the next frontier of science,” she declared.

Drawing from her own groundbreaking work on the African BioGenome Project, an initiative aimed at establishing an open institute for genomics and bioinformatics, Prof. Muigai directed the spotlight on specialized fields such as genomics, bioinformatics, sampling, legislative frameworks, and taxonomy.

She emphasized the shortage of taxonomists and policy-makers in the field of biological sciences, presenting a compelling opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in these areas.

“Our work at the African BioGenome Project has unveiled a scarcity of taxonomists and policy-makers. This is your chance to venture into these realms early on,” advised Prof. Muigai.

In the backdrop of Prof. Muigai’s impassioned address, the workshop resonated with a renewed sense of purpose, as students contemplated their roles as future leaders and innovators in the realm of science.

JKUSOB Patron, Dr. Moses Njiri thanks Prof. Anne Muigai after her talk to students

The Jomo Kenyatta University Society of Biologists is a student-led society based in the School of Biological Sciences in the College of Pure and Applied Sciences.

According to the Chairperson, Collins Omukala, and the Patron, Dr. Moses Njiri, the society’s primary objective is to unite scholars from JKUAT School of Biological Sciences. Through various channels, the society endeavors to impart practical knowledge by engaging in diverse projects and activities, aimed at providing solutions to community problems

Jomo Kenyatta University Society of Biologists intergenerational bioscience workshop

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