Prof. Mugai Develops Digital Lime Calculator

Prof. Njue Muigai

Soil acidity is one of the main causes of low crop yields in the highlands of Kenya that is dominated by soils known as Nitisols.

Soil acidity through aluminium toxicity and deficiencies of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium is a major cause of low crop yields.

According to the experts, it is imperative to apply the right amounts of lime to raise the pH (lower acidity) to desired levels because under-liming may not lead to optimal crop yields, while over-liming is not only a waste of money by the farmer, but can lead to decreased yields.

Prof. Elisha Njue Mugai of the Department of Horticulture and Food Security, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has now developed a digital lime calculator that is used to estimate liming requirements for the acid highland soils of Kenya.

The digital lime calculator developed through field experimentation by Prof. Njue, is now available to researchers, extension officers and students at

A screen shot of the digital lime calculator

The researcher says, all instructions on how to use the digital calculator are available at the site.

Njue Mugai, is an Associate Professor of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition with research interests in soil abiotic stress.

He holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree of JKUAT with numerous peer reviewed publications in local and international journals.

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