MSc. Research Methodology

Development is highly dependent on Science and Technology. Advances in science and technology are sustained through research. The quality of research output relies on the procedures and processes that are involved in the Research. The impact of the research output relies on quality of the data that has been obtained and effectively analyzed to provide reliable information. The region has limited capacity in research methods which is a major constraint to excellent research for development in Eastern and Southern Africa. Therefore this course was launched in 2009 at JKUAT following a consultative process with stakeholders to try and fill this gap in capacity in Research Methods in the region.

The MSc in Research Methods intends to train professionals who will support agricultural, natural resource management and socio-sciences research throughout the region. The course provides a strong foundation in research conceptualization, design, data collection, data management, statistical analysis and reporting. While it has been built on the traditions of statistics and biometrics, it extends these by placing them in the context of research for development. The programme is designed to produce research methods specialists who will be able to work across the social, economic and biophysical sciences to make solid contributions in enhancing the effectiveness of modern integrative research.

Admission Requirements
An applicant for Master of Science in Research Methods should either be;
(a)    A holder of at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) degree in Agricultural, Biological, Social Sciences or Statistics/Mathematics from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) OR
(b)    A holder of at least a Second Class Honours (Upper Division) degree, or its equivalent in Agricultural, Biological, Social Sciences or Statistics/Mathematics from a University recognized by the University Senate OR
(c)    A holder of a Second Class Honours (Lower Division degree in the disciplines in (a) above and related field of study from JKUAT or any other Institution shall be considered provided that the candidate has at least two years relevant work experience since graduation OR
(d)    A holder of other qualifications recognized by JKUAT Senate as being equivalent to (a), (b) and (c).

Year 1
ARM 3001    Maths for Statistics
ARM 3003    Descriptive Statistics
ARM 3005    Agriculture
ARM 3006    Development
ARM 3004    Inference

2nd Semester
ARM 3101    Research Methods I
ARM 3102    Research Methods II
ARM 3103    Date and Information Management
ARM 3105    Statistical Methods I
ARM 3108    Statistical Computing

3rd Semester
ARM 3104    Research Implementation Skills
ARM 3106    Statistical Methods II
ARM 3110    Environmental, Spatial, GIS
ARM 3113    Bioinformatics
ARM 3117    Climatic Variability and Change
ARM 3114    Research issues in measuring development goals
ARM 3107    Research Methods Consult.

Elective Units: Students to take 3 units, each unit 3 credit hours
ARM 3110    Environmental and Spatial Statistics and GIS
ARM 3111    Agricultural Experimentation and Ecology
ARM 3112    Epidemiology and Public Health
ARM 3113    Clinical Trials
ARM 3114    Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetic Methods
ARM 3115    Research Issues in Measuring Development Goals
ARM 3116    Quantitative Methods in Environmental Economics
ARM 3117    Research Approaches in Market and Innovation Systems
ARM 3118    Climatic Variability and Climate Change